One Thing Tha’t Uncomfotable To Talk About


Hey all! I’m glad you have returned to read yet another entry. Don’t forget to check out the new pages that have been added and we will have more interesting things to come.

But now time to get serious. I recently wrote an article for Yahoo Voices on childhood obesity called “The Forbidden Topic.” While I cannot share the article on my blog because of contract and copyright purposes I can refer you to it. Here is the link and I’m going to bring up a couple things here.

This is a problem parents and others see everyday. It even touches so many of us alot of just don’t know. I have to say it even touches me. My daughter is a little overweight. Even though I love her unconditionally I still worry that it will damage her physically. I have notice recently she has a hard time walking because it causes her to loose her breath. She doesn’t want to do anything fun, but watch Tv. Candy is my enemey! It causes fights between us and it keeps tempting her.

My eyes have been opened to the problem going on in young children. I’m not saying I want to take this big righteous stand against food. I’m just saying I want to make other parents aware that if they are experiencing it they are not alone. It’s really hard to tell a young child they are overweight. But you know what we don’t need to tell them they already know. When they go to school and the kids are smaller through the tummy area our children notice that. We don’t think they do, but they notice alot of things we take for granted. So if your interested in hearing my own personal take and what I’m going through check out the link I posted. You can also find the link on Favs. I hope my journey will help others start their own journey too. I’m not doing it for myself I’m doing this for my Kaely so that one day she can run without breathing hard. Maybe one day she wont have to get out of the bed and tell me how she wishes she was like the other girls.


Gaming @ The Baby Shower

baby shower

Games at a baby shower are the best part if your the guest. It’s the time were you get to show off you awesome skills and when some cute prizes. As women if we had a list of our favorite kind of showers, baby showers would be on top. What’s better than watching mom-to-be open presents that include itty bitty outfits? Usually, after a baby shower 9 out of 10 women will have “baby fever.”

So seeing how I love baby showers I ran across an article while on Twitter. So of course I just had to check it out. It was about what games could be played at a baby shower. I have to say out of the 14 games I was intrigued by more than half of them. The instructions on them were so well detailed that the games wouldn’t be hard to replicate. So I decided I would share these games with you, my fab readers. Just to note that I didn’t come up with these games they are from a website I found. So I just want to give credit to that website and that author. I also have the link to the website posted on my Favs Page so that you can check out the website. Or you might need the link to get the instructions for the game since I did not write those down I only wrote down a breif description of each game.

#1.) Baby Shower Bingo
This game is so great to help encourage mommy-to-be to open her gift. It’s classic bingo with a twist. Instead of calling out numbers the bingo cards have presents on them and guests get to check the gift off as they are opened. First one to bingo wins!

#2.) Name That Baby Tune
It’s real simple with this one, but still fun. Guests get to test their music savvy. For a list of music that goes with the instructions of the game refer to the website on Favs and the list is on the last page of the article.

#3.) Pregnant Twister
Guests play while being prego but with a twist. They can test their skills and flexability while wearing a faux prego belly during a game of twister. Instructions can be found on website.

#4.) Don’t Call Me Baby
Can you go through a whole party and not say the word baby? Test guests self-control and listening skills while calling out those who slip.

#5.) Who’s The Baby?
Guests will bring their own baby picture and hand them over to the designated photo holder. The designated photo holder will randomly hold up photos of the guests and let them see if they can guess who it is.

#6.) Who’s The Celebrity Baby?
Put your guests to the test. See if they have celeb knowledge and let them see if they can guess the celeb baby.

#7.) What Will Baby Look Like?
This one is one of my favorite and will be for laughs in the end. Guests will combine their own self portrait with a photo of their fav dreamy celeb so everyone can see what their baby would look like. Instructions are in detail on the website.

#8.) Baby Stroller Olympics
Guests can test their skills by having an obstacle race with baby strollers. Best time without hitting obstacles win!

#9.) Just Ask Mama
On indvidual notecards each guest will write a question that only a new momma would ask. Then the guests pass the cards off to each other so they can take turns writing on the back their answers to the questions. More instructions and how to win on website.

#10.) What’s The Story?
Guests have to write a short story together on the spot using a select list of words. By taking turns with each sentence the more strange and funny the story gets the better the ending. Instructions and the list of select words are on website.

#11.) Saving Time
Guests will make a time capsule for a new baby by each guests putting in one current item for the year the baby was born. One example would be a current newspaper. One hint for you is to tell the guests before the shower about this game so they can show up with the needed materials. Check website for more information.

#12.) Wanna Make A Bet?
Each guests will take turns placing a bet on a date they think the baby will be born. Someone will need to keep a list with each guests name and the amount of the bet. Another person will need to keep the money. Further instruction on website.

#13.) Quilting Time
Each guest will be provided with their own quilting square. Guests will then be instructed to decorate the square any way they want.

#14.) Perfect Timing
See who has the gift of punctuality in this gift-opening game of chance — and let guests, not just the guest of honor, take home a few goodies, too.

***Well this was the 14 I wrote down from the site. There a couple bonus games that I didn’t include, but if your interested in those too then head on over to the site I have on the page “Favs.” I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed it. Some of tthese games I just thought were too neat not to tell you all about. I know the next baby shower I host I will be trying out a couple of these.

So Simple It’s Crazy!


Hey there crafty parents!

This week my daughter and I made a awesome cake. There is no 20 page recipe or any hard instructions. It is actually so easy my daughter does it. How great is that your kids being able to do it by themselves under adult supervision? Plus it’s fun for the kiddos they will enjoy doing this and then taking picture of their creation. There is no wrong or right way for how it should turn out. That is the best part. Kids being able to exercise their imagination and watch it unfold in front of them. A creative child is a happy child.

So what you need is a box of white cake mix and some white cake icing. There is no specific amount of cake icing you should use. I use only one container of icing, but if you like alot on your cake then use as many containers as you want.

So with the box of cake icing you just follow the instructions on the back. How easy is that? But the fun part is letting the kids add the ingredients and do the hard work. So us parents just supervise and make sure nothing that isn’t supposed to be there doesn’t get thrown in. So just set out the specifc amount of ingreidents that the box calls for.

The box I used called for 1/3 cup of vegtable oil, 1 1/4 cup of water, and 3 large eggs. So what I did was get out the measuring cup and two regular sized cups. I measured out the vegtable oil and then put out what I was going to use in one cup. Then in the next cup I put in the measured out water. On a paper towel I laid out 3 large eggs. Then I set out a large bowl for everything to be mixed in.

Next open the package of cake mix and hand it over to you kiddo. Let your kid/kids put in the mix and all the measured out ingredients. Then put the mixer together if you use one and the level should be on low. Get it started explaining how to operate it the correct way. Turn them loose with it the worse that can happen is that is splatters and splatters can be cleaned up. They also make good stories later. ūüôā After it’s all mixed up you get out the food coloring. Let the kiddos pick our their favorite color. Then add it to the batter. There is not a certain amount to use. So have fun with it. Mix it up with a spoon. Once you have reach the desiered color we put the batter in a greased pan and plop it in the oven. Bake on the degree and time the box specifies. Remember oven part is for parents, but I’m sure everyone already knew that.

Now for the icing. Sometimes it’s hard to get it out of the container so putting it in the microwave for 20 seconds should soften it up. But not to much you don’t want it runny. Then in another bowl add your icing. Again we get back out the food coloring. Have the kids pick a different color than before so it doesn’t clash. Any color they want there is no wrong answer. Remember this is their creation it’s a chance for them to use their imagination which is the best part of being a kids. After the food coloring is in mix with a spoon and wait until the cake is done.

After the cake is finished baking remove it from the oven and set it some where to cool. I always set mine on a cooling rack so it doesn’t burn my counter top. After it is completly cool you icing the cake. My daughter loves this part, but I always end up having to finish it because she digs down into the cake ripping it apart. After it has the icing on it you can add sprinkles, candy or anything you want to decorate the top of it with. Let them go crazy with it!

The crazier it looks the better it baking and art work shows thier creative side. It shows personality and the child within. By looking at the finished product you will be able to see the thoughts, imagination and personality of your child. That is the best part. No cake made like this will ever be the same. So two families can make this cake and both would be completley different. That is because no two child thinks the same. You will be looking at a repleca of your child in a simple cake. How amazing is that?

I hope everyone that tries this has fun with it. If you want to show your finished product you can I’m always interested in what everything turns out like. You can always tweet me the pic on twitter @projectsavemom

Yahoo Voice: Newly Published Articles

Hey everyone!

Thanks for dropping in. So I’ve been moonlighting for Yahoo Voice writing a couple articles. So today I logg on and find that my first article has been published. I’m so excited about that. So I’m asking all my viewers and friends to please show moral support and view my article. I would be so appreciative. Just click the following link and zoom on over. I’m very proud of this one since it pretains to women in the workforce. It shows that women can work jobs just the same as men. I show first hand experience that it’s possible and we women do it right. If you feel you want to comment on it they have a comment section. So thank you for reading my posts and if you decide to check it out I really appreciate it so an extra special thank you for that. I’m so glad to have supportive readers like all of you.

Women In The Workforce

Mom Lingo: 5 Things We Say To Our Kids


Mom’s always have a way with words. It’s almost like it’s in an instruction manual on what we should say and what tone we should use. We also have a way with flying by the seat of our pants. Like when our children do something odd that we have never had to scold them for before. When this occurs we have to think of something to say and most of the time we honestly don’t know what to do. So instead of looking shocked and letting kids take advantage of the moment we always find something to say. So as I sat watching my daughter yesterday I caught myself saying things to her my mom used to say to me. I found it so funny that I decided I had to write it all down. So here are five things we say to our kids and what we actually mean.

#1.) If you make me get up your going to get it. (Actually, I bet some that hear this are wanting to know what they are going to get.) This actually means that we are tired and want to sit down. But if we have to get up to make you stop we are going to beat your butts. So it’s pretty much spelled out that for you when we say it.

#2.) Hit the porch. (Ok maybe some don’t say this or don’t know what it means. I’m country and where I’m from I have never heard a parent not say it.) This means get outside before I loose my cool. I’ve had enough your nonsense today.¬†If you think about stepping back in that front door I’m going to cut loose on you.

#3.) I brought you into this world and I can take you out! (Even though this sounds like a physically violent death threat in mom lingo it is not!!) Or at least most moms don’t mean it that way, but I have never heard a parent myself mean it literally. What we actually mean is we love you very much because we gave you life, but if you keeping doing what you are doing I’m going to show you what being a mom means.

#4.) When we go in here you better act like somebody! (Ok this is pretty much self explained.) This means when we go in here in front of all these people I know you better develop manners. Which if you decide not to it’s your choice, but the punishment will be my choice if you fail to comply.

#5.) When I get my hands on you….. (For some reason when most of us say this we never really finish the sentence maybe it’s because if we have to say this we are extremly angry.) So if you have made us so mad that we have to say this then my advice to you is avoid that momma. This incomplete sentence is only used when the momma is so mad she just can’t find the words to finish it. So since she couldn’t finish it I will. This saying means I’m so angry and disappointed I’m lost for words. When I catch up to you because you are running from me by this time, I will most likely bust your butt and ground you for a week. In which after I cool down will feel bad for what I done and will come back to hug you and say I love you more than anything.


I’m sure there are many more things that moms say, but these are just a few of my favorites. So what are yours? What are some of your favorite sayings to say to your kids? I would love to hear all of them. So if you would like to share leave them in a comment so everyone can enjoy.

Holiday School Plays


Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way oh what fun it is to volunteer in a Kindergarten Christmas play. Hey!

So alot of schools put on christmas themed skits or plays around this time of year. Since my daughter is performing in one for her Kindergarten class tomorrow I thought this would be a good time to talk about this in a entry. So for the past month her Kindergarten class has been practicing and creating props. Since I like to be hands on involved in my daughters school functions I was picked to handle some of the props. Now lets just say I’m not very creative, but I must boast that my cardboard made oven was the bomb. I consider it a success if my creations turn out to be recognized as what they are supposed to be. So since others can look at it and say it’s a oven I feel wonderful.

So this year the play that the class will be performing is a¬†musical version of the “Gingerbread Man.” Not only do these small children sing the parts together, several of them have a few musical lines they must do alone. For example my daughter is playing the woman that bakes the gingerbread man and she has to sing a part by herself telling the other characters not to open the oven. The lyrics to the musical production are cute and quite catchy. I love hearing her practice. What really amazed me was how all these childrens know these lines so perfectly well. Yeah I know if they practice then they will know them. Well you have to take in consideration that they didn’t send anything home for them to practice and they can only do it at school so much because they have school work to do. Since I couldn’t stand not knowing how they taught it to them so quick and yet the knew it so well I decided to snoop around at school to find out.

I caught them practicing one day in class and I loved how they did it. Instead of stopping school work to practice like they would have when I was in school, they had made a cd of the play. So while these children are working at their desks the teacher is playing this cd of the music and the kids are singing along. When it came to a part that one of children were supposed to sing solo all the children stopped singing automatically so the one child could do their part. That wasn’t the most amazing part. What really baffled me was how these 5 and 6 year old kids never stopped working, the never looked up from writing their spelling words, or coloring their pictures. It was almost like second nature to them. So kuddos for the teacher because to be able to get 23 Kindergarteners to work together like a well oiled machine she must amazing.

These kids have worked so hard to make this production come to life. So tomorrow morning is their first dressed rehearsal and then at 1PM they will putting on their musical play. I’m so excited to watch it. Not only will they be performing in front of the whole school, but they will also be performing in front of all the parents too. I just hope they haven’t practice and practice then freeze up in front of everyone. It’s intimidating to small children to have to talk in front of a lot of people so singing in front of them would have to be terrifying. I know adults that would be afraid to do that.

These kids are amazing and the teacher is wonderful. I know I couldn’t get children to do what these kids have accomplished. It takes a special person to be a Kindergarten teacher they are truly blessed with skills to be able to do what they do. Most people don’t know what it takes to be a teacher to small children like that, but until you actually stop from the busy day to visit the class room you never really know what goes on behind the scenes. These kids work just as hard as the bigger kids. Not only on the play, but in their everday work. Sometimes my daughter will come home and tell me things that I didn’t know she was old enough to learn about. She will tell me things that happened in history books, about the planets and just so many different things. Kids at that age are just wonderful.

So I hope everyones elses kids, no matter what age, are doing something at school for the holidays. If so and you would like to share feel free to leave it in a comment. I would love to hear what other ideas or productions are going on in other schools. So if I don’t write again before the holidays everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years. Enjoy yourself and enjoy your family.

Sassy Six’s


How will I make it through this? This is the question I ask myself everyday as I feel like I’m going to pull out my own hair. My six year old daughter is the sassies, overly dramatic, smarth mouth, foot stomping and eye rolling child I have ever seen. No matter what I say to her where it is just asking if she wants ice cream she has some retorical remark to make. Some days I feel like I won’t make it until bed time comes. The worst part is how I feel when bed time does come. Is it normal for a mom to think “Thank Goodness” when eight o’clock rolls around? I’m feel like the most horrible parent in the world when Monday rolls around and she goes to school because I feel relief.

I thought the terrible twos where bad, but somehow nobody informed of the sassy six’s. Who could have forgot about that? It’s horrible. Sometimes I have to walk outside and get away from her because I feel like I can’t take it anymore. Somenight I cry myself to sleep because I feel like a failure of a parent. How could I have let my daughter back me in a corner like this? Then I think to myself I’m not a bad parent she is just going through something and it will be over soon. But it’s never over it just keeps going on.

Then I meet other moms with little girls and I hear their stories. I learn that I’m not a bad parent little girls are just bad daughters. No not really bad daughters I guess I’m wording that wrong. Six year old little girls just don’t know how to express their emotions yet and they jsut let them hang all over the place. They haven’t learned that words hurt even if it is their moms. They think that moms are tough and can take anything that they dish out. I remember when I was a teenager at the time I didn’t know I was a terror, but as I have aged I think back on it. I would almost bet anything there were times my mom screamed into a pillow. I guess we get back what we dished out when we were children. If that is the case I’m getting it back all at one time.

Even as I’m typing this I have found myself telling my daughter to “quit”, “stop” and if “I get up I’m going to get you”. Now I understand what my grandma meant by don’t deliver empty threats because soon enough they will call your bluff. When my daughter was younger empty bluffs didn’t matter because she wouldn’t push me far enough to see. Now that she is a little older she knows how far she can push mom, because she has already tested the waters. Usually, I have some nifty advice to give parents on some topics. This time it is a little different. Instead of me giving advice I’m open ears to recieving it. Even though I’m writing this entry as a parenting infom entry, I’m also writing it as you can leave advice entry. If any of you parentals have advice on the kiddos feel free to leave it as a comment or even hit me up email or twitter.¬† or¬† twitter:¬† @projectsavemom

What do we do when time outs don’t do a thing? Ground her from Tv and she plays with a piece of string? Take the string away and she sings? I’ve run out of nifty trick and when I get to the end of the rope I have to climb back up to start again. I love how kiddos think if your on the laptop they think you can’t see them. As I type she is trying to creep by me to get a cookie out of the kitchen when it is 15 minutes until her bedtime. I tell her “nope not right now” she just gets mad cries, howls and throws herself on the floor. I thought sixteen is when they were dramatic, but no it starts out at six. I wonder if little boys are different in this way? My nephews seem to be, they seem to be more calm. I know my one little nephew doesn’t let things like that get to him and just shrugs his shoulders. Lord help me. If I survive this I’ll be one tough momma.

I can only smile the day my daughter grows up to have a daughter of her own. Then I can look at her and tell her what my mom said to me. We reep what we sow. Honey what you dished out you will get back. Since you were a terror I can only bet yours will be a heathen. Well again as I’m typing she has tried to make her third attempt to enter the cookie kingdom. Again I have told her no, but instead of throwing a fit I’m recieving threats. I can only laugh inside as I know she doesn’t mean what her little mouth says. She tells me I’m a bad mom and she wishes she didn’t have a mom. She always declares she wants to live with her grandma. If she only knew that her grandma was ten times more strict than I ever thought of being. I just love how they want something and then if they get it they don’t want it anymore. Sometimes they don’t even understand what they are wishing for.

No matter how much I complain I love my little angel who’s halo sometimes slides sideways. She might drive me crazy, make me scream and sometimes makes me what to cry myself to sleep. She’s mine and somehow we will survive this. One day she will get paid back in the mommy way. Because I keep a little small copy of my entrys on paper and little funny pictures of her. Woe be the day she starts dating. So the saying goes “you reep what you sow” and baby girl I’m going to have some laughs with her first date. I’ll get to show the picture of her throwing a temper tantrum dressed as a princess and say “honey this is the princess your taking out tonight.” I can only imagine the tantrum I’ll get then, but it will be totally worth it. I think of this and smile even though it’s like eleven years down the road I can only smile to myself.

So good luck to all the mommys who have six year old. Lord help the ones who’s aren’t six yet. Congrads to the ones who have past that mark because you are a trooper.