School Experience: Cursive or Printing in Handwriting

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I was talking to a parent of a student in a town over from where I live. She was talking to me about what her daughters have been taught in school this year. We were talking about how students today are taught subjects in 1st Grade that I was taught in 5th Grade so most children today are very advanced. This mom then informed me of how her daughters, juniors in high school, do not know how to write in cursive. The look on my face was priceless it was a look of confusion with a mix of terror. They cannot write in cursive? I thought this too myself. How can they not teach students that? Why are they limiting these children in that aspect? The other mom then went on to tell me how her daughters told her that her teachers did not want them to write in cursive on anything and to always write in print.

As I went home that evening I couldn’t shake this from my head. It has amazed me how many advanced topics they teach our children, but how the yet abolish the most simple and important things. I do not understand this and it bothers me deep down. Now many I have spoken too think it is ok and don’t understand why this would bother me so badly. Let me bring my thoughts to you real quick.

First let me show you why our children need to be taught cursive handwriting. If they are not taught this simple little thing they cannot give a proper signature, they cannot sign checks, contracts, leans, leases, agreements, and they cannot sign their drivers license. That is just a couple of things they cannot sign there are an unlimited amount of documents they cannot sign properly. Next everyone I know that are a little older than these kids all the way up to others older than me normally write in cursive as a basic handwriting skill. I write everything in cursive I hardly ever print. So because many adults use cursive as their main handwriting skill these students coming out of high school will not be able to read anything these individuals write therefore limiting them in their personal, working and other environments. Next these students will one day be in their 30’s and printing everything as though they are children. I mean can you take someone serious that is in their 30’s or even older that cannot write or read cursive handwriting. They are not going to have a personality in their handwriting. They are all taught the same way to print their letters so they will not have a unique signature. Heck they won’t have a signature. There are an unlimited amounts of reasoning on why these children should be taught cursive handwriting.

So I have decided if they won’t teach my daughter cursive I will do it myself. I am not letting a school system handicap and limit my child’s most basic need. Actually, I would like to know why the school systems are handicapping our children in this way. It is going to be brutal for them as adults. They will be limited in what they can read and write. What happens if one of these students ends up running for a government office? Will you trust a government official that cannot read or write in cursive?

I know this post seems like a rant, but really it’s not. I just want to bring this issue to your attention. So if you are like me and want your child to know cursive handwriting then maybe you should check with their school system while they are young to see if they will be teaching them this in the future. That way if they won’t teach them this then you will have the chance to teach them yourself.

What do you think about this? I want your opinion. Is it important to know how to write and read cursive handwriting or do you think these children will be productive in their future just basic printing? Leave a comment and cast your vote in the poll I’ve added. Don’t be shy let everyone know what you think! These schools should be asking parents this instead of making this decision on their own so that is what I’m doing I’m asking you.


What Kind of Mom Are You?

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Being a mom isn’t a science no matter what the magazines say we as women aren’t programmed at birth to cope with what ever motherhood throws out at us. We all have a different way of parenting, which is fine, because any way is not wrong because we are all different individuals as well as parents. When I take my daughter to school I sit in the parking lot for five minutes after she walks in to make sure nothing odd is going on (yes I know it may sound weird but with what is on the news now a days nothing seems overprotective) as I sit there I watch all these parents talking, herding and motivating their child it comes to me quickly at how different each of these parents are and how different their strategies are. So what kind of parent or mom are you? Below I have a make up of a few types now if you don’t find yours on here it doesn’t mean that it’s wrong or you don’t exist it just means I haven’t found you yet. So if you think you are a different type please feel free to comment and tell us what type you are.

The Loud Mom
This is the mom that talks above all others. She either has more than one child and must be loud to be heard or if she has one child still feels she is not heard when she is not loud. Even when she is mad and gets louder than normal her child never is afraid because they have become adjusted to how loud their mom is. Even though she seems like a screaming parent she is not. Secretly at home she is like a circus ringmaster trying to rein in all the occupants and have them doing what they are supposed to do. A lot of moms that seem to be very loud normally sit when they are alone and worry about the way they handle things. They also strive to be quieter, but yet it never pans out because when they try their children just go on past like they are not even there.

The Octopus Mom
This mom is just like it sounds a mom that seems to have arms growing out of her body. She has to juggle so many different things that it makes you wonder where she gets all the extra hands. Sometimes this mom may have to juggle events such as baseball practice, cheerleading, basketball, girl scouts and fundraisers. Then she must go home and juggle home life. She is the envy of a lot of other parents because it seems she is on top of everything and is well put together even though secretly she feels like a house of cards that it can come down at the smallest quiver. She is very organized, post its, notecards, calendars and labels are a normal things for her she takes pride her organizational skills. Some moms in this category can be found running for government office in the school systems such as PTA President, Parent Council or even a coach of a sport. She sometimes may feel that she is doing too much and then she looks at her children to realize she is doing just fine.

The Helicopter Mom
Just as it sounds this mom is like a helicopter she hoovers. She is the mom that stands outside the classroom ten minutes longer than other parents to make sure her child doesn’t need her. She sometimes watches her children sleep to make sure they are ok. She worries constantly and a little more than others about her children. She worries about lunch at school, bullies, hand washing, teachers and anything else that could arise if she isn’t around. She has a hard time letting go as her children age and go off to do things on their own. When her children are old enough to go out or to friends houses she calls their cellphones more than the parental limit. She also may have apps downloaded on their phones so she can track them in case they need her. Of course she has down this secretly so the kids won’t take them off the phones. At playdates she plays more with the kids than talking to the other moms because she wants to make sure her children are fine. She knows she is hovering, but she can’t seem to rein it in. She is the mom that shows up at school unexpectedly making an excuse that little Sally left her pencil at home so that she can see with her own eyes that little Sally is ok.
(*Note: We all have a little helicopter mom in us just some have a little more than others.*)

The Protector Mom
Sometimes this type of mom can be mistaken for the helicopter mom because they are so much the same, but yet they are very different. The Protector Mom doesn’t necessarily hoover she is more likely to enforce. She is the mom that gets mad instantly when her children tell her something that happened they don’t like. She is more likely to get in face to face confrontations over the smallest things that involve her children. If little Bobby gets in trouble at school for talking on the phone and the teacher takes his phone then little Bobby goes home complaining about it this mom would more than likely show up at the school demanding his phone back. She doesn’t allow other kids to bother her children she will go to their parents and demand justice. She is the mom at the baseball game that is screaming that the pitching kid is out of the age group and the team is stacked. A lot of other moms feel inferior to this mom, but what they don’t know is at home this mom is like the teddy bear of moms.

The Nervous Mom
This mom can be spotted a mile away. She is the one that seems like she is a tantrum away of having a nervous break down. She tries to get her children to play by the books and if her children get boo-boos she is always thinking the worse of things. Other moms can talk this mom into doing anything easily. If they want her to work a bake sale they just have to tell her and she will agree because she doesn’t want no one to be upset with her. After all her kids go to school this mom goes home and can finally take a breath. This mom really needs time to herself so she can keep it all together. She is meek and quiet. She doesn’t express her opinion to much, but she also has a very sweet side to her and her children think she hung the stars. This mom needs a time for mom maybe a weekend vacation every so often, but she never gets around to it.

The Overbearing Mom
Before I go into this type of mom I want to just say that we all have a little of the overbearing mom in us no matter what you think she just hasn’t came out yet if you haven’t seen her, but she is there. Also being this type of mom completely and not just a dab is very rare. I think I have only seen a couple of women be completely the overbearing mom.
This mom is just like the title overbearing which in some situations can be a great thing. She is very strict on her children and expects them to do exactly as they are told. She doesn’t take any crap from other adults and will tell them exactly what she thinks. She is constantly lecturing her children telling them what they should be doing and how she is older therefore wiser. Already has planned out their futures and expects them to comply. She is fierce and dominant. She would do anything for her children, but she just can’t let up on them. She can’t control what she says no matter how hurtful it is. Her children are terrified to disappoint her, not in fear, but because they just can’t bring themselves to let her down because she expects to much from them. A lot of other moms are intimidated by her.

The Nurturing Mother
This mother is the sweetest of moms. Everyone likes her especially her children. She is very loving to her children and hugs them all the time even when they don’t want hugs. She rocked her child until the child was big enough to rock her. She kisses her children in front of their friends even when they beg her not to. She is aware life is short and wants her children to enjoy it. She tells them they can do anything with their lives, but gives them the space to make their own choices. She embraces creativity and still has their finger paintings they made when much younger hanging on her fridge. She carries a lot of pictures of her children with her so she can show everyone when she brings them up in a conversation. Her children will always come home for holidays and will miss her terribly when they are away from her. They love to be home with her because she makes it so much fun. She accepts them for who they are and is always happy with them no matter what they do in life.

As of right now that is all the types of moms I have listed, but you never know when I’ll find some more and add it as I go. So like I said if you don’t think you are on there then tell me what type of mom you are and I’ll add it for you. Not everyone falls into a category we are all very different. So you may be one of those moms that falls into all the categories because you have a little of each type in you that is fine because we are all different. Children don’t come with instruction manuals so we are the mom we think we need to be and that is just fine. So embrace what type you are and embrace mommyhood because it is the most special thing in the world. It is the perfect job and the most rewarding job you’ll ever have.

So bless all you moms out there and you have wonderful day!