Let The Giveaway Begin!

In my last post I announced I would be hosting a giveaway with an item I donated from my own store. Well I’m proud to announce that now the giveaway has begun. So what do you need to do? Just head on over to my blogs Facebook page and enter the giveaway, or you can click the link below that says click here, this link will take you straight to the entry form. You will be ask information that is not available for anyone to see, not even me. I only see any information once a winner has been chosen and I’m told who it is. This giveaway program I’m using through Facebook draws the winner out randomly, I have no hand in it.

So enjoy my site and then head on over to claim your spot in the giveaway. Someone will win it might as well be you, but you can’t win if you don’t enter. If you have a friend or family member that you think will enjoy my blog and giveaway be my guest in referring them. The more the merrier. Good luck to you all. I can’t wait to see who wins on April 17th, 2015.

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Somebody’s Going To Win.. Why Not You?

Hello all! I’m sure you saw the title and thought “What will I win?” To get your question answer just keep reading I’m going to cover everything. So I was thinking about you, my lovely readers and what I could do for you that could be fun. That’s when it hit me. When a blogger wants to spice up reading for their viewers they have to offer them something. Well I want to spice it up for you. So I’ve decided to host a giveaway. That’s right I’m going to give something to one person out there that is reading this. Yes, only one person will win. But don’t let that discourage you because this might not only be a one time thing. For all I know I could decide to do it a lot and randomly. What do you have to do? At least that is what I would be asking if I was reading this right now.

All you have to do is keeping stopping in to see me and keep reading. It’s that simple. I post and you read. You do this so that you will find out when I decide to give away something else. I thought it would be fun to randomly giveaway things to my readers. I promise I won’t be boring. I’m planning on doing all kinds of fun stuff here this summer and I want to share with you. If you didn’t catch my last post I have already complied a shopping directory with a few small business owners that helped me. They sent me their store info, store banners and a few sent coupon codes. I also have a guest blogger visiting this month who is a published author and has a book coming out soon. Later today I’m bringing a new DIY project and maybe a few more fun things to read on.

So just keep visiting me and I’ll randomly leak out giveaway dates to you where you can win something great! This first giveaway will be an item from my own shop, Kaely’s Kuties. I’ll post the link to the giveaway up later today, or you can visit me on Facebook to enter in directly when I have the giveaway up and running.

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*** Do you have a shop or business and want an ad on my shopping directory? Go over to my Facebook page and send me a message.

*** If you have a shop or business and want to get in on the next giveaway by donating an item contact me via Facebook or any other method that you have.

Hopping For Spring

Here at Princesses and Motherhood we are getting hopped up for spring.

I have so much going on and coming to this site that it will keep you clicking for awhile. Right now over on my product review page you can read about a wonderful household product I just tested and reported back about. You don’t want to miss it because it is going to take air fresheners to a whole new level. This shop owner that I tested their product for is going places with this item. I’m completely in love with it!

Then in Mommy DIY, I’m bringing you things for spring. I’ll have something for moms and for the kiddos. Check back by April Fools to see what is happening there. I’m even thinking about hosting an Easter themed game. So make sure to come back on April 1st to get in on the fun.

I’m thinking about hosting a $1 auction on my blogs Facebook page if I can get enough shops and customers who would want to participate. I would love to have all my readers feedback. So if you can take a moment and comment below. Tell me if you think it would be a good idea or if you would be interested. If I decide to follow through with it I will post details way ahead of time.

The Things Kids Say & Do

Kids can be the funniest and quirkiest little people around. They are completely unfiltered and just say what is on their minds. I know that I love to hear my little girl talk especially, if it’s been a bad day because she always has me rolling laughing. The other day on my drive home from picking my daughter up from school the car had become very quiet. Since my daughter is the funniest person I have ever heard I thought I should have a good laugh and picked a conversation out of her.

So I asked my daughter what she was planning to do when she was home and out of the car. To return my interest she bluntly in simple wording told me she planned to shave. Yes, that is right my seven year old daughter tried to give her only parent a heart attack at her early age by her plan to shave. I never thought of asking her how she planned on shaving since at the time I thought it was self explained, but I did ask her why. She then told me she was beginning to be a woman and that a woman need smooth legs to wear shorts. Isn’t it wonderful that children think they can go from being a child to be a grow-up because they decide it to be so? Ahh the simple way of life I wish as adults we had that luxury.

The best part of this little story is that later that night I was able to see my child in action with this so called shaving event. I was loading the dishwasher and when I was finished I went into the living room. There I found my daughter with one of her legs propped up on the table covered in lotion. In her hand was a clean popsicle stick. She was using the popsicle stick as a razor and scraping the lotion away. It’s one of the funniest things I have seen as a mom and I’m sure there will be many more moments like this in the future.

What is a funny thing your kid says or does? Comment below and share. Lets have a good laugh today in honor of our imaginative children.

How Do You Survive?

With holidays just passed and school starting back I as a parent feel like I can’t finally take a breath of fresh air. I love my kiddo don’t get me wrong, but after two and a half weeks of no school I feel like a break is in order. I don’t know one parent who can say that when their child went back to school after the holidays that they didn’t take a deep breath once their kiddo was gone. Almost a sigh of relief.

We as parents love our children unconditionally, but we as mothers need mommy time occasionally. Let me just say Christmas break doesn’t bring mommy time I think Santa forgets to give that as a present every year.

So how do you survive? How do you make it through the holiday without becoming prematurely bald or having to take prescription antipsychotics? Many mommy’s and daddy’s would like to know. Feel free to comment and let your fellow readers in on how you have lived to tell your survival secret.

My survival secret is a lot of coffee. You can’t go wrong with coffee and as long as I have my long time caffeinated friend then nobody gets hurt. When school is out the coffee company could retire from my constant buying spree. But the hot cup of happiness somehow helps me survive and I am so thankful. It’s like a cup of super mommy wrapped with happiness.

Please show support in a time of need

I found my wonderful mother Edith Booth Maynard today at her home she had passed away at a young age of 47. She was a loving mother, grandmother and teacher. She was one of the smartest people I have ever known and without her I feel so lost. She did not have burial insurance so as her oldest child I am taking responsibility for her funeral expenses. So I’m asking for those who can spare to please donate to help us have a nice funeral for my beloved mother. She is greatly missed and this is so devasting to me and my brother. Below I have included the link to the go fund me site where all donations can be placed. Thank you all for all support of any kinds please keep us in your prayers. -Kristin Hinkle Blog Writer and Etsy Shop Owner.


Sleepless Munchkins Equal Parental Payback

I don’t get it! Make one noise and it’s all over!!

That is all I kept thinking over and over from 1am until 6am this morning when my alarm clock went off. I usually don’t have this problem out of my kiddo, but I guess a first time for everything. Right? Well I stayed up working on a few things until 1am and then after a very relaxing shower I went to bed. Well my little kiddo likes to sleep in my bed where the room is dark and cool. It don’t bother me since she is the only sharing my bed in the past couple years. (But that is a story for another time.)

As soon my head hits the pillow and I close my eyes, her eyes pop open. All I hear for the next 5 hours in munchkin talk no stop like someone had let open a flood gate of jabbering caffeine hopped up toddlers. Even though she is six years old because she as still so tired it was relentless jabber that were complete words, but incoherent sentences. I tried to be nice just making a shhhh sound and tried to talk her back to sleep. Nope didn’t work. I petted her back thinking it would relax her, nope didn’t happen. Warm milk, nope, down my PJs. Talked her in to trying different sleep positions, this only caused her to start making coherent sentences that I just didn’t give a crap about at 3am because by this time two hours had passed. Put her at the foot of the bed thinking she needed space to stretch out, nope, this sparked an odd conversation about raccoons. So at this point I lost it and turned on the TV. I told her to lay still and watch whatever she wanted on her parental locked Netflix account. (For those unfamiliar with Netflix setup my six year old, Kaely, has her own Netflix account and because it is set up for her age it only allows her to watch shows that are approved for her age group. This a wonderful things and I love it dearly I don’t have to monitor or any of the other parental things I have to do with regular TV.)

Normally, I can turn on a TV and she is glued to it. So I figured this being a last resort method that she may stay up all night watching it, but at least I would get to sleep. I had to be up at 6am to get dressed for a doctors appointment I had at 8am. I guess when sleepless munchkins have a random sporadic sleeping disorder even TV just won’t do. So I gave up! This my friends ticked me off. I don’t give up I keep on with something until it gets done. Usually, she will just do what I want because it annoys her that I don’t give up. Last night was a different situation entirely. I don’t have any other children and I’ve had none stay over for a sleep over, ever. So I’m not equip to handle these types of situations. I have never had a problem getting her to sleep since she was an infant and that was at least four years ago. So for the past four years I’m used to a full night sleep. Well I guess she had decided I didn’t get one. By the time that 5:30am came I was exhausted and clueless.

I even resorted to asking her what the deal was? She told me she had no clue then she made a joke about how she was nocturnal. She thought it was funny that mommy can run on exactly no sleep. Nope no sleep, not even 1 minute. She took my whole night. The only time I get peace and can relax she stole it away from me. I love my baby girl, but sometimes I think she is out to get me. When I think she has done it all she pulls a stunt like this that leaves me baffled and staring at her like I’m ready to throw my heads up and say please explain what that was.

Now because she pulled an all nighter she is exhausted and passed out at 1pm on the couch. Guess what? I love parental payback. So while she slept so peacefully I knew that if I laid down she would still yet another sleep from me so I decided she should see how it feels to have a sleep you really want taken away from you over nonsense. So I woke her up and then I started talking to her about random things. Then when she told me how sleepy she was I did her like she did me I started giggling insanely. You know what? She rolled her eyes and said I’m sorry mom. So I let her take her nap, but not before she promised not to take my nightly sleep away.

Who says that alternative parenting methods don’t work? LOL. Cause it sure worked for me, like a charm. My question to you my reader is have you ever experienced anything as random or as odd from your kiddo or just any kiddo?? I can’t be the only one. If it’s happened tell me what happened leave a comment below. I bet it is more interesting than mine. Also don’t forget after you are finished on this page to check out the contest page and enter. We are going to have great prices and it is all free.