Family Vacation Money Saving Tips


It’s that time of year again!!
Vacation is a normal activity for most families and in the summer is when we go on them. The hardest part of family vacations isn’t the family it’s the money. In these days and times money is hard to come by. A lot of families have stopped vacationing because it has become so expensive. So I’ve decided to do some research and compile so money saving tips to keep that money in your pocket where it belongs, but yet still be able to take your family trip. I mean what’s more important that family time?!

First rule of vacations, you don’t have to spend money to have fun! There are plenty of places to go and things to do without adding going broke on top of it. So when researching places to go, go ahead and research things to do while you there. Make a agenda and budget then stay on top of it. If your budget is to spend only $200 on food then don’t spend a penny more. Let the kids know up front that the parentals are not spending a fortune so they are not to ask for things they don’t need or can’t live without.

Research, research and research!! This is important you can’t just wake up and say we are going to Italy! You have to look at all your options once you know what your vacation budget will be. Most of the time staying closer to home is the cheapest option so maybe you can find something awesome not far away from your homestead. If you want to go out of the country and can’t live without it then do just as much research as if you were staying state side. Check out which country has the best exchange rate and which areas of interest have the most free fun stuff to do.

Flying can also be in your budget if you need to be in the air. Fly at the off-peak of season times. Also fly on shoulder seasons, which is the period of time before and after peak times. Holidays and school holidays are airlines busiest times so that will cost you more than other days. Also find the airlines that have family discounts, try booking online and book in advance. If you book in advance for the cheap dates you don’t have to worry about not getting seats. If you are going to fly on the cheaper dates and wait to the last minute then there is the possibility of there not being seats since others want to fly cheaper too. Also fly mid-week the weekends are usually when everyone flys so by flying in the middle of the week you have a better chance of saving money. Another quick way to pinch pennies is if you need a room and a plane ticket you can book in a package there are great deals online.

Saving money on accommodations is a good way to pinch pennies. Online websites offer last minute discount deals for room all over the world. You can save money renting a fully equipped home or apartment. There are a few perks to do it that way. You are able to cook your own food and save money on eating out. Also you can do your own laundry so you don’t have to waste money by going somewhere to pay to do it. Then there is another option you can arrange to house-sit for someone or maybe find someone to house swap with. These two options would make your room accommodations free.

If you have any other ideas to save money on family vacations please let us know. It’s always great when we can save money doing fun things.


Facebook Fan of The Week!!


Hello Readers!!

Last week we did a trial run on Project Save a Mom’s Facebook page. I tried out the app fan of the week. This week’s winner was Tracey Bauchman. So congrads Tracey!! I am so excited and happy you like my blog that much.

Once again stating today as a new week are seeing who wants to be fan of the week. So give it a try! Visit Project Save a Mom on Facebook, like us and then click Fan of the Week to nominate yourself. I’m exciting to see who it ends up being this week.

Fan of the Week is a trial run. I’m wanting to start giveaways on my blog so I’m trying to see how many would be interested in participating by trying little things like I have with Fan of the Week to see how many will try it out. If it has a good turn out then I might be able to get the giveaways going a little faster. So lets help each other out by checking out Project Save a Moms Facebook Page. Refer a friend. Everything works better if we do it together.

I’ve posted the following link to help re-route everyone to Facebook to help the turnout. Hope you join the rest of us there!!