St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt DIY

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     As a fellow mom, I’m always trying to find fun ways to spice up any holiday. So I thought this year I would host a scavenger hunt for my darling daughter. If I was going to do this I wouldn’t have time to hand make all the maps, hide the items, make the clues and send the contestants on the right path. So I had an idea!! What if I could obtained the necessary items to host the scavenger hunt by using an instant download? I’m a genius. Well probably not, but I sure feel like it right now because my kiddo is going to remember this “pinch me” holiday for the rest of the year. Come on, I’ll tell you how I have it planned out.

    First, I needed maps, clues and other hints to hand out to my participants. Since I don’t have time to make them all by hand I had an idea that maybe I could find a store that sold them as an instant download. I’m sure you already know, but an instant download is when you pay for something online and it can be downloaded to be printed on the spot. You also, most of the time, own that copy your purchased so you can print as much as you want!! So I did some research. The best place to buy the map, clues and hint supplies was a little handmade shop called, “Thoughtful Tot.” The instant download was priced at only $2.99 and this shop had all the details with instructions on the page that answered all my questions. (The link to this shop is in my footnotes at the bottom of the page.)

     Next, I made a trip to the local Dollar General Store and secured prizes. So at the end of the scavenger hunt every participant gets a prize no matter if they win or not. I can’t stand the thought of a child having a broken heart. It’s my weak spot. My prizes included: costume jewelry for the girls and hot wheel cars for the boys.

     Lastly, I had made it to the last step before I would start the scavenger hunt. I obtained the materials from the shop I mentioned. Then I begin placing the clues in fun, but not super easy places to be found. I made sure that each hint would lead them to the next clue that in turn would leave them to another clue. This would keep them looking until they made it to the end of the scavenger hunt where they would locate their prize.

     Here is a sample of the first clue I gave each participant to get everyone started along with a map that sported a giant X at the end of the hunt. My 1st clue read:  “Hello my St. Patty’s helper I’m sure you are ready for your first clue. So to start you off in the right direction you can go smell the flowers  that have the most protection.”

This clue would lead my participants to my rose bush which is protected by a fence and it’s own thorns.

I hope this St. Patrick’s Day idea of fun is something you might think about trying.  If you do something fun for this holiday tell us what it is, comment below.

** Thoughtful Tots-


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