It’s a Makeover… Thanks For Asking

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Welcome Back!

When you got here you probably looked at the title on the top of the blog and then looked around right? Yeah I know you were thinking you made it back to Project Save a Mom! Well surprise!! I know everything looks different and the blog has a new name, but don’t let it confuse you it’s still the same me just a new look. It’s a makeover!!

As a sat here looking at my blog the other night, I started surfing the web and reading blog posts for various other blogging moms that I really find wonderful! I was entranced in their creativity put into their names and posts. So then I looked back at mine and I had that frumpy feeling we get when we notice that our hairstyles are out of date. It then hit me, like a light bulb had finally flickered it’s way all the way on, I needed a blog makeover. So I watched my daughter play dress up and role-play her favorite games. That is when I noticed I had a very smart girl going through a princess phase and that my friends is when my name just lit up in front of me in bright flashing lights. Since I have a princess at home and I write about motherhood why not name my blog “Princesses and Motherhood”?

It’s the same blog I always had just an update on a few other pages and titles. Also a whole new look for my background. Since my daughter is 6 getting ready to turn 7 in a couple months I have been trying to pull myself out of the baby phase. It’s where we as mothers realize our children are no longer babies and there isn’t going to be any small babies in the house ever again until we have grandchildren. In my case it’s an if I ever have grandchildren since my daughter informs me daily that she hates babies, they are annoying and if she has her way she will never have children. Haha you have to love little girls and their assertiveness. But it’s a really sad time when we as mothers figure out our baby days are over, but we have to move on. So to get through my baby phase I took it out on my blog. Honestly, I think it was for the best because I feel my blog has never looked better.

Now if you have an opinion on that I would be more than happy to hear about it! I love to know what everyone is thinking so if you have any input about my new blog makeover then let me have it, or even if you have some advice on what you would like to see let me know. I would really like for this blog to be more engaged I have seen other mommy bloggers have discussion on their pages so I’m really striving for a few more comments or informative points of view.

Well I hope you enjoy the new look and the new pages I added I think it is for the best. I’ll be updating more posts soon, but I thought I would explain the new titles, pages and look then let everyone get used to it. So I’ll give it a couple days to sink in.

With a new look comes new content. Wait until you see what I have lined up for you in posts I’m hoping to blow your mind with them. So come back soon!! I’ll be posting updates and newsletters on my blogs Facebook Page so if you haven’t already went over there and gave me a like please do so to keep up with updates.

Have a wonderful day and continue to look around!! If you have a opinion don’t keep it to yourself let me have it I am always willing to know how I’m doing!!


Sleepless Munchkins Equal Parental Payback

I don’t get it! Make one noise and it’s all over!!

That is all I kept thinking over and over from 1am until 6am this morning when my alarm clock went off. I usually don’t have this problem out of my kiddo, but I guess a first time for everything. Right? Well I stayed up working on a few things until 1am and then after a very relaxing shower I went to bed. Well my little kiddo likes to sleep in my bed where the room is dark and cool. It don’t bother me since she is the only sharing my bed in the past couple years. (But that is a story for another time.)

As soon my head hits the pillow and I close my eyes, her eyes pop open. All I hear for the next 5 hours in munchkin talk no stop like someone had let open a flood gate of jabbering caffeine hopped up toddlers. Even though she is six years old because she as still so tired it was relentless jabber that were complete words, but incoherent sentences. I tried to be nice just making a shhhh sound and tried to talk her back to sleep. Nope didn’t work. I petted her back thinking it would relax her, nope didn’t happen. Warm milk, nope, down my PJs. Talked her in to trying different sleep positions, this only caused her to start making coherent sentences that I just didn’t give a crap about at 3am because by this time two hours had passed. Put her at the foot of the bed thinking she needed space to stretch out, nope, this sparked an odd conversation about raccoons. So at this point I lost it and turned on the TV. I told her to lay still and watch whatever she wanted on her parental locked Netflix account. (For those unfamiliar with Netflix setup my six year old, Kaely, has her own Netflix account and because it is set up for her age it only allows her to watch shows that are approved for her age group. This a wonderful things and I love it dearly I don’t have to monitor or any of the other parental things I have to do with regular TV.)

Normally, I can turn on a TV and she is glued to it. So I figured this being a last resort method that she may stay up all night watching it, but at least I would get to sleep. I had to be up at 6am to get dressed for a doctors appointment I had at 8am. I guess when sleepless munchkins have a random sporadic sleeping disorder even TV just won’t do. So I gave up! This my friends ticked me off. I don’t give up I keep on with something until it gets done. Usually, she will just do what I want because it annoys her that I don’t give up. Last night was a different situation entirely. I don’t have any other children and I’ve had none stay over for a sleep over, ever. So I’m not equip to handle these types of situations. I have never had a problem getting her to sleep since she was an infant and that was at least four years ago. So for the past four years I’m used to a full night sleep. Well I guess she had decided I didn’t get one. By the time that 5:30am came I was exhausted and clueless.

I even resorted to asking her what the deal was? She told me she had no clue then she made a joke about how she was nocturnal. She thought it was funny that mommy can run on exactly no sleep. Nope no sleep, not even 1 minute. She took my whole night. The only time I get peace and can relax she stole it away from me. I love my baby girl, but sometimes I think she is out to get me. When I think she has done it all she pulls a stunt like this that leaves me baffled and staring at her like I’m ready to throw my heads up and say please explain what that was.

Now because she pulled an all nighter she is exhausted and passed out at 1pm on the couch. Guess what? I love parental payback. So while she slept so peacefully I knew that if I laid down she would still yet another sleep from me so I decided she should see how it feels to have a sleep you really want taken away from you over nonsense. So I woke her up and then I started talking to her about random things. Then when she told me how sleepy she was I did her like she did me I started giggling insanely. You know what? She rolled her eyes and said I’m sorry mom. So I let her take her nap, but not before she promised not to take my nightly sleep away.

Who says that alternative parenting methods don’t work? LOL. Cause it sure worked for me, like a charm. My question to you my reader is have you ever experienced anything as random or as odd from your kiddo or just any kiddo?? I can’t be the only one. If it’s happened tell me what happened leave a comment below. I bet it is more interesting than mine. Also don’t forget after you are finished on this page to check out the contest page and enter. We are going to have great prices and it is all free.

All Children Have TMCAS and There Isn’t A Cure!!


As a parent we deal with a lot of attitude especially when they hit that certain age and everything they say sounds like sarcasm. I was always told it started out at the terrible twos and it would be over by the time they were three or four. I can’t remember who told me that, but I wish I could because I would walk right up to them and slap them. They must have lost their mind when they went through it, or they just became immune so they didn’t notice it anymore. Because my six year old has more attitude than most sixteen year olds. If she would just give me that attitude and demand twenty bucks along with the car keys I would believe a teenager had took over her body.

No matter what I do my child is always there at the most wrong moments along with her new gained attitude. It could drive a person to drink and I don’t drink. If I’m cleaning or need her help she is no where to be found. Nope not a trace of her I wouldn’t be able to find her. It’s like she has learned a new super power of invisibility. But if I’m using my computer, working in my boutique, reading a book, or heaven forbid taking a pee she is right there. Then it’s this beast that has waited to I’m at my weakest to prey on me. Kids have TMCAS this is short for (Teenage Mutant Child Attitude Syndrome) this is where a perfectly normal child between the ages of 4-12 think they are a teenager and only develop the part that wants their life span shortened.

Now I don’t know about you, but the law says we can’t spank them or we go to jail. We put them timeout and the climb back out. We have yelling matches. I know at least I do I can’t be the only one. I’ve read all the parenting books and honestly they don’t prepare you for this you just have to wing it. The eye rolling, the back talking in low tones they don’t think you hear, the words I hate you, feet stomping, door slamming and anything else that makes you want to tear off your own ears so you don’t have to hear it. Now I know I make my child sound worse than anyone else’s, but I just commanded that children in my house at this moment are now confined to bedrooms until 8am when I don’t want to bang my head into a brick wall. So I’m a little irritated at the moment because she is in her lair that she calls a bedroom and I know just as soon as I relax a little she will find something to complain about. I swear when she is being good it’s like tip toeing past a dragon cage you don’t want disturb the monster inside, but you really want that cup of coffee. The question is this, is it really worth it?

I swear I’m not insane I know it can’t be just me it has to be everyone, right? Some days at the main end I am ready to throw my hands up and say I just can’t take it anymore. But you know what I really can cause I love the squirt even though I feel like ripping my own hair out. All truth and honesty she isn’t as bad as I make her sound she just had a TMCAS episode about fifteen minutes ago and I haven’t recovered yet. I really think these kids train for this it’s like a sport to them an Olympic game and they are winning. I have seen kids at stores act worse than mine does so it is official. It’s an epidemic. All kids of this TMCAS and there is no cure. It’s going to get worse until the grow up and move out. By this time I for one will be nuttier than a fruit cake and no good use to the general society. They will have to lock me away. I know it I can see it now.

I feel like the chick I watched on TV. She told her kids if they rolled their eyes at her one more time she would pluck them out. I hate eye rolling it’s aggravates the crap out of me. Then when I tell her to stop she asks me what she is doing. Like she don’t know she just rolled her eyes. I mean hello the kid just looked at the ceiling, counter, floor and recliner in one swoop she can’t honestly think she was just sitting there looking at me. HELLO!! I might look old to her but I’m 28 I know what it was like to roll my eyes and now I think my mom shouldn’t have slapped them straight in my head. I’m going to call my mom tomorrow and tell her thanks mom for telling me I would get it back in my kid. Because she was right. If that is the case though then everyone I seen at the grocery store on Monday received it back in their kids too. I had to step over the kid who bangs his head on things to get bread. We all know this kid if we don’t have one then we have seen him too in public. He is the one that got made about a cookie so he decided to knock himself senseless in front of the bread rack on a concrete floor. The mom (poor her) is so tired of telling him to stop beating himself that she just lets it go. When I looked at her she just gave me this look that said he’ll quit when it hurts. Haha no he won’t. Because he has TMCAS and it has invaded his little body so he doesn’t control it anymore.

The future for this epidemic looks bleak. I don’t think there is a cure. I’m hopeful it’s like a weak allergy thy will grow out of it. If not then the lady who talks to her shoulder better scoot over and make room for me so I can talk to her other side. I’m going to be in a straight jacket before I’m 35.

I do not let my child go wild and terrorize me. I am the mother and I do discipline in a non harming a fit punishment. This post is how a I mother I feel inside when battling my child also before and after I command discipline. It is a ramblings of a parent nothing more nothing less.

Back To School Chaos

back to school

Welcome Back!
It’s been a little while since I’ve updated my blog and for that I sincerely apologize. If you have not seen my last post I have been a little busy trying to start a small business that I’m going to be running out of my home and selling my products online. Since all my items are handmade and I do custom made for those who ask for it I have to work very hard with long hours (to bad I don’t get paid by the hour I would be rolling in it haha.)

Anyways today I was sitting online surfing the web checking out a few items. For those who are just now tuning in I have a six year old daughter Kaely who is going into the 1st grade. Since going to school requires new clothes, new shoe, new underwear, new socks, new backpack, new lunchbox and new school supplies I have had to get my shopping game on. Apparently new school gear requires more preparation than a glitz pageant for national all stars. I have had to surf through online stores to see what the new trends were, make a shopping list, create a game plan, do budgets and then the last step run it all past the queen of the hour my daughter. She is the one who has the last say so if she throws out an idea I have to start over. Now I know you are thinking I’m probably nuts for letting her have so much control. This is my thoughts on this matter, because trust me I have thought the same thing about myself. The way I see it is she is the one who has to wear it, carry it, show it off and deal with it so if she doesn’t like then she isn’t going to be happy. If she isn’t happy with it then she won’t want to go to school less than she does now. If this occurs it will result in me having to find more creative ways to coax her out of the bed at 6am. Trust me at 6am I am not creative at coaxing so to make a long story short in the end she will wake up screaming wet with cold water and I’ll be covering my ears holding the pitcher that tossed the cold water. So to prevent that ugly scene from occurring every school day I let her have a lot of control with the shopping it’s a win win situation.

So the point of all that long story was this:

Have you noticed that even with game plan when you get to store of shopping choice it looks like a turkey after thanksgiving dinner, picked to death? It didn’t happen to me just one time it happened a lot. Like try 5 different stores and by the way 2 of those were shoe stores. So what is up with that? Please I want to know so if you have the answer please inform us all we are dying to get an idea of what’s going on here!! Cause the way I see it is school starts the same time every year it’s like your birthday you know when it’s coming so you prepare yourself. Well apparently while I was preparing myself the store wasn’t on the same page cause it was chaos. They know it’s coming so why didn’t they stock up??? Kids have to have clothes for school and they didn’t have enough for everyone. On black Friday they prepare like they are going into battle, but on back to school shopping days they slack. Stores need to be more prepared and name a holiday for this occasion like kid invasion day and they should prepare for more than battle this day they need to prepare for a nuclear explosion equal event.

The next problem is the prices!! I mean we are parents clothing our miniature, back talking, sticky fingers mini me’s so of course we want the very best for them. This doesn’t mean big chain stores can exploit us for every penny we have. They know we have to have it so they jack the prices up so it about kills us at the checkout. I’m being literal when I checked out at Wal-Mart I thought I was going to flop out into a seizure when I saw the total. I paid a little of $100 for like 6 outfits. I don’t think a couple of them were complete outfits at that. I thought Wal-Mart was supposed to have low prices, hello, I didn’t find it very low. I’m just saying if you know for a fact you are going to take every penny we have for things we have to have then give us a break. We are parents not rich business men. Most of us drive mini vans and have a stain on the corner of our shirt that we can’t honestly remember where it came from. (Note: if you are a mom to be or a mom who’s kid isn’t in school yet, heed my warning save up for school clothes like you would save for a college fund.) I think these stores also charge by what grade your kid is in. I’m serious last year I found awesome deals and my daughter was in Kindergarten now that she went up a grade the prices on the clothes went up too. What is going on?

Well I’ve ranted enough for the time I think. Give me your opinions, if you found awesome deals let us all know we have to stick together. Also please take the poll survey so we can see what everyone is thinking. Have a great day! Remember we are here to help each other trying to save a mom one at a time!