Elementary School Takes Childrens Food


Scrolling down the newsfeed on my facebook page today I saw an article that blowed my mind. At first I thought it might have been a joke, but then after further research I found that it was proven true. CNN website has a newsbreaking story about an elementary school in Utah that has done the unspeakable. Unitah Elementary School, after noticing some of their students didn’t have money for lunch, decided to fix the situation. Instead of contacting parents, or finding another way to handle the matter they took justice into their own hands. By taking justice I mean they let all the kids get a tray of food for lunch and then went to the children that had no money taking their tray away. Then if that wasn’t bad enough told them they couldn’t have any lunch because they had no money. Then they gave them a milk and a fruit for lunch.

As a parent I’m outraged how a school could do this to their students. It shouldn’t matter if they had money or not. Some kids rely on that meal because for some it may be the only meal of the day for them. A school should be a neutral ground where children can feel they are safe. It shouldn’t feel like a war zone where children will be bullied by the staff. I guess this school cannot say they are anti-bullying since the staff personnel bullies students themselves. For them this seems somewhat personal. I know my child doesn’t attend school there, but I just feel so much pain for these poor children. They had to be hungry and embarrassed. How could they focus all day on their work? I know if I were one of those kids I wouldn’t have been able to. I would have been embarrassed and hurt. The people who are supposed to be rolemodels, teach them, mold them into adults and protect them just hung them out to dry.

At my daughters school they handle their breakfast and lunch so much differently. Honestly, this I am thankful for. I pack my daughters lunch, but even though I do this she is still involved in the school lunch. They started this year making sure every child is fed. At breakfast a staff member stands at the entrance to the school and each student that enters they tell them to go have breakfast. When the child goes to the cafeteria they are given a tray of food, a milk and a juice. This is without charge. I am present every morning for breakfast and I have never seen a child pay for lunch. There is also no arrangments made to pay for meals, because I have tried to pay for meals. Then at lunch it is the same way. Every child in our school must have a lunch tray no matter if they want it or not. Like I said my daughter packs her lunch, but it doesn’t matter at lunch she still must go through line like everyone else to get a school tray also. Then after she has the tray she may go sit down to eat. Now she doesn’t have to eat both, because she has that choice. If she doesn’t want to eat the food on the tray then she may throw it away. Now it may sound odd making the kids get a tray, but at least as a parent I know that no matter what my child will not go hungry.

When I heard the story about these children who had their food taken away I was outraged. I would love to be able to voice my opinion to this schools personel. What kind of person can do that to a child? It boarders a line of child abuse or at least that is what I think. If that was a parent doing it to their own child then they would have been put in jail for abuse. So what will happen to these adults at this school? Will they get in trouble other than being on CNN news? If you ask me I think they should be punished accordingly. Actually, I think these adults should be put in the same situation. They should be given a tray of food and then before they can take a bite it should be taken out of their hands. Maybe these adults should go an entire day without eating or drinking anything. I know the kids only missed lunch, but can you guarantee that everyone of them had something to eat when they got home? What if one of those kids were the statistic that didn’t have food at home and that meal that was taken away from him was his only meal of the day? I know if I was the principal I wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing I was the reason a child went to bed hungry tonight.

My wonderful readers give me your opinion. How do you feel about this story that was aired on CNN news? If you hadn’t seen the story yet I have posted a link to the story at the bottom of this post. Feel free to give me a comment or vote on the poll I’m publishing here. Even though it wasn’t done to our children it still effects every parent in America. If one school can get away with doing it then it may open a ripple effect. What if other schools decide to follow suit? This is something that should have never happened and should be stopped. The school staff at Unitah Elementary School in Utah should not just be able to say sorry on Facebook and get away with it. They should have to apologize to each student individually and publically at the very least.

CNN NEWS LINK: Lunch Taken Away From Students


It’s a Rough World Out There…


As a single mom stepping out into the dating world is terrifying. I would rather face a 6 year old angry over a piece of chocolate cake any day. I always feel like I’m doing something wrong, or like I don’t fit in. When I go places I always see this young Barbie looking girls with bright blonde hair and mini skirts every man in the room single or not turns to look. It almost makes me want to dive behind a bush and pray it’s over. I mean hello before I go out with a guy I always tell them I have a kid so I mean right up front I’m pretty much shouting I’m not a Barbie doll and most likely will never look like one again. Now I’m not saying I’m ugly. Actually, I think I look pretty good for already having a child, now I’m not over self-confident either.

Why does the dating world have to be so hard for single moms? I wish there was this magical dating pool single moms could go to and find a decent man. This is the first time I have been single in almost 8 years so I’m way out there when it comes to starting over. I would really rather stay home with my daughter in PJ’s and watch Cinderella re-runs. Yet I don’t want to be the crazy cat lady either. I just wish it wasn’t this hard that it makes me want to give up.

I know I can’t be the only person parent or not that has this problem. Then I go somewhere and I see all the girls I went to school with happily married or happily dating some great guy. Where do they find these men? I asked a close friend of mine the other day this question and she didn’t have any answer. So my next question is this. Is there a catalog we can order these great guys from? If so will someone send me one? I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life, but I’m not going to settle for someone that I don’t want around my daughter.

I shouldn’t go out on a date and have to watch my date find interest in a living Barbie doll. When we go out their interest should be in me! Dating these days is like hunting in a wild jungle. The barbie doll girls are lioness and they are very aggressive. Hunting around something like you need to be very armed.

So I guess until I discover this secret garden that these men hide in I will remain alone. Dating for me sucks. It’s bad enough that I’m nervous about it and feel like I’m completly out of place. Then when the date is over I find I have nothing in common with the man and feel like banging my head on the wall. Sheww is it worth it? A question I ask myself all the time.

You wouldn’t believe how many men I run into that doesn’t have a job? Ok I know the economy is sucky, but how can you take a girl out on a date with no money? Give it up man. This one date I went on I have to talk about was the worst date of history. I actually ran in the house when he dropped me off so that I could get away from him. He asked me out to dinner. I was interested in him so I accepted. Then when dinner was over he expected me to pay! Ok here is my theory. If you ask the person out then you are obligated to pay. I didn’t ask him out so why do I have to pay? I figure he done that to me I was running for the hills. If I had to pay everytime he wanted to go somewhere I could do that with my daughter. Plus she was better company.

So home I will be until I find where these men are hiding. Come out come out where ever you are. Ha ha. I’m so done with these losers I keep finding. If I have another sucky date I’ll report here at Project Save Mom. Because this momma really needs saving.

Getting Involved


The most important thing we consentrate on when we send our children to school is their grades. We are always worried about how much they will learn and will they be prepared for the real world. When they come home from school the first question we ask is “what did you do in school today?” One thing most of us don’t concentrate on is their social life. Most parents, including me, send our children to school to learn not socialize. I always was worried about her education it wasn’t until recently that I began to focus on her socialization ability.

Most small children, ecspecially kindergarteners, have a problem socializing. They don’t really know how to make a friend with a child they have never met. Most don’t know what to talk about. Others are very shy. Being social to a child can be a very scary thing. If this problem isn’t noticed before long the child starts to wonder why nobody likes them. They don’t understand that others don’t dislike them, they just aren’t sure about them. Any child that has difficulty socializing will not make friends easy. Being unsure about themselves makes other child uneasy. Self-confidence plays a big factor here. If a child has high selfesteem then other children will flock around them.

Getting children involved is the best way for them to make friends easier. It doesn’t have to just be a sport, although sports are a great way for children to stay physically fit. If the child isn’t sport inclined, like my kiddo, then there are other activities they may help out. Maybe girl scouts or boy scouts. This group can help with social skills and life skills. Also they have great fundraisers. I mean who doesn’t like the cookies they sell? Academic teams are a great group. If your child has more book smarts than social skills then this may be what they need. They will be able to test their academic ability and meet others who are just the same.

Different schools have different groups. Some schools have many groups and activities to choose from while others don’t. If your school doens’t have that many then get invovled and see if you can persuade your school to develop some. Who knows maybe they will appoint you over a group.

Social skills are imporant to our kiddos. I’m not saying they have to be the most popular, but no one wants to be alone all the time. Even if your child doesn’t say anything about it deep down the think about it. If your child won’t talk to you about what’s going on then go to another source. Talk to their teachers, make unscheduled appointments through out the school days to see with your owns eyes. It’s not strange to do that there is no wrong reason to be an over concerned parent.

Mommas Of Girls: Looking Foward To It… Not!!


Facebook, may take up most of our time, but occasionally it shows us insight into momma-hood. As I was checking out my newsfeed today I noticed a very funny picture that served a point. As a read the story my jaw dropped and an imaginary horror film rolled inside my head. I don’t know if any of you all saw it, but if not you should have if I can find it I will try to post it to my facebook page for all too see. By the way you can find me on facebook under Project Save Mom as a group. It’s still a work in progress, as a mom I have limited amounts of time.

But about the pic. It was a dad wearing daisy duke shorts with writing on his jacket that said “Ask my girls if they think short shorts are sooo cute!” Not only was this dad sporting the famous shorts, but he was sporting them in wal-mart while holding his daughters hand. Kuddos dad! I’m in agreement that our young kids are too much into the short shorts fad. As I looked at this picture my own movie in my head of my daughter as a teen. Almost like a glimpse into the future. Is this dad doing what I wish I had the guts to do to my daughter in the future?

I am not all for the short shorts and I don’t wear them. They may be more appropriate for an adult, but our children and teens should not be sporting them. At least that is my opinion. They can cause the wrong kind of attention and that is what our children need to be aware of. Children and teens don’t understand there are sick people in this world so they may be capturing the attention of more than just boys their age. As parents it’s our job to bring this to their attention. I for one don’t want to have to watch my daughter try to sneak out the door in those cut-offs and then have to worry about some freak out there trying to persuade her to get in his car. It’s gross to see a young teen wearing these and then notice the shady 45 year old man in the corner “checking it her out.”

Sometimes I wander, where are their parents? We are their moms and dads not their friends. So we shouldn’t feel bad for telling them “Hey your cheeks are playing peek-a-boo!” So like I said go dad who sported those shorts you got the right thinking.

What?!?! No School Maybe!!

Welcome back I’m so glad you’ve decided to stop by once again. Right now I’m writing while watching what’s left of the snow that had fallen last night. Even though it’s very pretty, kids love it, I just am not a snow person. I guess that is kind of funny since I live in eastern Kentucky. We get snow through the winter. Not as much as our northern neighbors, but we get a decent amount to add up for snow days. As a kid I can remember getting snow days from school and how excited about it I was. As an adult I can say that snow days are overated. Our wonderful kiddos here have been out of school for the holidays since December 17th. That was their last day at school and they are supposed to return Monday January 6th. As I watched the news here they are already forecasting snow for Sunday and Monday. So the way it’s looking right now our kiddos may not have school a couple days this week.

Normally, I would be happy they get a snow day to enjoy themselves, but they have already been out of school for a considerable amount of time. I don’t know about other moms, but this mom would really like a day to herself. It’s exhausting having to find ways to entertain them all day long and I feel like I have been working a never ending doube shift. Even though their is nothing I can do about it doesn’t mean I have to jump for joy for it. I just wish these children at least was able to attend school for a couple of days before the snow came. So I guess our wonderful kiddos will have an extended holiday vacation. Even though the forecast hasn’t changed I’m not telling mine that there is snow coming. I hope the forecast changes, so by telling mine about snow the hopes will be high. So this is a secret I’m keeping between me, the news and you shhh.

I almost feel like a frumpy momma wishing the snow wouldn’t come for these selfish reasons, but all moms deserve a day off. I’m me we have a 24/7 job here and other than school I never get a break. So as mother snow has become my enemy. In a way I feel bad for that, but in another way I can’t help it. I know I can’t be the only parent out there that when snow forecasts they feel like the air has been knocked out of them. Ecspecially where I live. When we get snow here it makes driving impossible. Because of the moutaints and hills the roads are dangerous when snow falls. So not only are the kiddos home, but us mommas are locked up tight in the house with them.

Kids today don’t do much playing in the snow, or at least mine doesn’t. All they talk about is playing outside in it, but when it shows up they might go outside for five minutes. Mine has about drove me nuts bouncing all over the house, saying I’m bored and taking up every Tv in the house. I just can’t wait until spring arrives then no more snow days for this momma. I feel for you mommies out there that are experiencing snow right now. Those of you in warmer climates where snow is not a factor, I envy you. Be safe out there in the snow this season and keep those kiddos entertained.

No No!! Your Not Supposed To Say That!!


As I was surfing the web I found this site that had some interesting things they say us women are not supposed to say to our husbands. Now I’m not to sure about some of them, but I guess it’s because I’m not a man. So any men that want to give us women a perspective on it please leave a comment we would love to know if you agree with these things, or if you would like to add a few. I know as I was reading this I noticed that I myself have done a few of these so-called No No’s! So I’m going to list them on here and if you would like to check out the source of the sight for more info they address to it is listed on the Favs page and at the bottom of this post. Have fun see if any of you women can check off a few that you have said or done.

Things You Are Not Supposed To Say To Your Husband

#1.) “You’re just like your father!”

#2.) “When are you going to find a job?”      ( I have done this one a few times myself.)

#3.) “My mother warned me you’d do this!”

#4.) “Just leave it. I’ll do it myself!”                 (Ok I have to admit I have done this more than a few times.)

#5.) “You always (BLANK)” or “You never (BLANK)”   

#6.) “Do you really think those pants are flattering?”    (I’ve not really said it like that, but I have said something like are you really going out of this house dressed that way.)

#7.) “Ugh, we’re hanging out with him again?”

#8.) “Please watch the kids, but don’t do this, take them here, or forget that..”   ( I know I have done this one more than a couple and more than a few times. One time I left my kid with her dad I actually left him a list of do’s and dont’s. I was so paranoid over what I have no clue.)


*** So ladies what do you think? Are you guilty of saying these no no’s? Men does it really bother you when we say these things? Come on gives us some feedback here everyone it’s a safe zone and we are interested to know.  

** Just want to say that all these sayings that were listed were from the site below. The site below is the owner and creator of what was discussed here. I just want to give them credit for what I borrowed. Thanks.***