Green Tea Sachet


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As a parent, woman and all around human I love air fresheners. Having a great air freshener is an essential part of life. We don’t really think about it when we are at the store and we are loading the cart with household necessities, but air fresheners are the number one thing we stick in our cart. No matter if it’s in candle form, spray, plug in, or the kind you hide away in your closet. That is why when an Etsy shop owner asked me to do a product review for an air fresheners I was like “Oh Yes! Please send that baby my way I love air fresheners!” Because not only do I love my house to smell the best, but I also love to cover up the fact I have a child and children can be at times a little smelly. We as parents don’t want to admit it, but coop our kids up in a house all weekend and by Monday we need to air it out a bit.

So as I said before I reviewed a product for an Etsy shop owner. The shop is called TundraAndTaiga (spelled exactly as typed). This shop has all kinds of lovely items, but the item I reviewed was awesome. Once the owner told me she was sending me the product I received it quickly, so kudos there for fast shipping. I know when I’m shopping online receiving an item quick always does it for me. Then when I received the item that is when the magic happened. I opened the package and retrieved a little sachet ball with a hook on it. I could smell the loveliness from the plastic wrap. The scent I received was “Green Tea Fragrance” and it was wonderful. It was like a little ball of happiness that made my senses tingle. I can’t express how much I loved it! Not only did it smell great, but it was adorable. I hung the little ball up with the hook, that was included, and for the entire weekend my daughters room smelled great. By the way, I must say it is still smelling great and will for up to thirty days. I loved that part just as much. I always was bothered before with air fresheners that ran out in a week or two, but this shop owners air fresheners last for an entire month! How great is that?

Green tea isn’t the only fragrance this shop carries, they also carry 30 other choices. If you wanted to try a different scent every month you would be trying them out for over a year! TundraAndTaiga also carries men fragrances. Just the variety of scents and types has my mouth watering. These sachets are handmade by the shop owner and just have that home made appeal. They are adorable hanging it any room, or just sitting around. I thought about purchasing another one to put in my closet to keep it smelling fresh. I just can’t get enough of them, I want to try them all.

TundraAndTiaga, also carries necklaces, earrings, bookmarks, greeting cards, paper, bracelets and of course the fragrance sachets. This shop owner, I must say is very talented and it has been a privilege of mine to try out one of her lovely items. You can get your sachet in her shop for only $8.50 a great price to last all month. If you order now, the shop owner has kindly provided my readers with a coupon. If you want to order more than one you can contact the shop owner via her shop she will then give you a bulk price.

Just type in THANKYOU in the coupon section when you checkout from her shop and you can receive $5.00 OFF on any $20 order.

You can take advantage of the wonderful coupon this shop has provided you, or check out what this wonderful shop has to offer by clicking here to visit TundraAndTaiga.

This product was reviewed by the owner of this blog, “Princesses and Motherhood.” If you would like to have your product reviewed please feel free to contact me. I do not charge to do product reviews I only need a product you do not want returned. More information on product reviews can be obtained on this site at Product Revews FAQ or send me an email to  subject line: Product Review.


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