Chores For Sale


If you have already seen the photo above don’t be discouraged, I promise this isn’t going to break your piggy bank. What you are seeing is a crafty idea for a chore chart that I found on Pintrest. I’m not sure who to give credit for this wonderful idea since it had been repined a lot and in the route of me sharing it for you the link was lost. But I just want to say now I didn’t come up with this, but whoever did was one crafty momma or daddy.

So by looking at the picture you can tell what you will need for this. A cork board, printed chore lists with a single chore on each and some cash. I found when doing this project it was easier for the child to put the child’s name above the chore I wanted done. When I didn’t put my daughters name above the chore I wanted completed I found she had an excuse as to why she didn’t think it was her chore.

Now my child wasn’t to thrilled about working, but she was thrilled about the idea of making extra money so that helped a lot even if all she made was a dollar a chore. So to set it up you are going to take the clipped out chore put it with a dollar and clip it to the board. When it’s time for your children to complete their chore they go to the board find their chore. When the chore is completed they earn the cash under the clip and paper. Sounds easy enough.

I also found that mixing up the chores was more successful than just using the same chore everyday. If you give the same chore everyday to the same child they become bored with this very quickly.

Since I only have one child instead of just having one money clip with a chore everyday I used the extra space to make a weekly chore chart and it really encouraged my child to see the opportunity she had to make money all week. I often found her in front of the board counting how much she could make if she completed a chore everyday.

So if you get your kid or kids to do chores what are some chores you have them do? Take time to comment your answer so other readers can get some ideas for their own chore chart. Below you can find a couple of chores I tried out on my child.

A few chores I assigned my child with my board were: pick up toys, put dirty clothes in basket, clean bedroom and help mommy dust furniture.


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