5 Ways to Influence Returning Customers

5 Ways Returning Customers

As a shop owner, one of the most important aspects of keeping your shop open is having customers. A type of customer that can be very beneficial to your shop and it’s future is the “returning customer”. Having returning customers can help your shop in so many ways. Most small business owners don’t really think about the little things a returning customer can do that can make big things for your shop. This type of customer returns because they like your work, they like your business and they like your service. They may even like you too. If the customers likes your shop enough to keep returning and making purchases then you have untapped potential. This customer has live friends, Facebook friends and online contacts. They may know one person they can refer you too, or they may know a hundred. Either way, if they like you enough to keep coming back then they may even like you enough to tell all their friends about your wonderful little oasis. To help persuade more customers to become returning customers and to help your already returning customers to keep coming back with friends there are a few ways you can be the little bird in their ear.
A few of these I have listed below. I’m sure there are a lot more, but five seemed like a good number to start out with.

#1. Newsletters: Everyone who uses the internet in any form has an email account. Some check there email once a week, some once a day and some check theirs fifty times a day. Normally, if someone is shopping online then they are checking their email to make sure their orders ship on time. So why not make sure your shop items, sales, coupons, information and everything else arrives in their inbox while they are clearing out their inbox. I have found a good service to use for this purpose. Actually, I use this newsletter on this site right now and if you want to see it in action sign up for my newsletter to check it out when I send it out soon. You can even design your newsletter from the photos, text, links and all to the way you want it. If you have advertisers you can add them in too. Everything is broken down so simple anyone can use it. That is what I like. Also the best part is, it’s FREE! The service is called Reachmail there is a free option and there are paid options. I found for starting out a free option is best. If for some reason you are sending out more than up in the thousands of newsletters then you may need to upgrade, but try it out first to see where it goes.

#2. Social Media: Social media is a big then in the today. You can reach millions with the right wording, photos and links. It’s also the best way to connect with other shops that are trying to accomplish the same goals as you. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest are great social media sites to take advantage of to reach the audience you need. If you have a shop then you should have a shop page on Facebook. So many people just surf Facebook just for something to do several hours a day so by posting daily photos and shop status updates you keep your customers updated on what you are up to. If your working on something you just can’t keep to yourself share it on Facebook and Instagram show them what’s coming up. Share coupons on Facebook and Twitter. Show your completed work on Pintrest. Link all your accounts with your shop and let your customers know that you want to share everything with them.

#3. Coupons and Sales: Coupons and discounted sales are a great way to motivate a shopper. I know when I’m in a store browsing I will choose the item that is cheaper rather than the one full price. Why? Because money doesn’t grow on trees and I’m a single parent. Setting up good coupons and making sure every one knows about them can help boost their motivation to check you out. Make sure the coupons are worth their time. Also you need to make sure they know how to use them. On Etsy, it can be rather complicated to use a coupon for a first time shopper. Encourage your customers to turn to you if they have trouble. Let them know you respond to all attempts to contact and would love to walk them through it step by step. Your not only a shop owner, you are also a sales person and advertising manager. So you have to think in terms of all these positions. Do you have merchandise that hasn’t sold out in six months? Or do you have some littering your workspace you are ready to move into the guest room? Then put it on sale! Put your old items on sale and get them out of the way. Why take up space with the item that isn’t selling and not make space for knew ones? I would rather sale it at a discount than not sell it at all. Make sure to post all about all your coupons and sales on all your social media sites and newsletter.

#4. Blog: Shop owners should blog. I find it’s a great way to round up a new customer base. A lot of people use blogs and a lot love to read them. Why not? If you haven’t got anything to do, or your looking up something why not read a blog. Write about your shop and how you handle everything. Even if your post is just about your workspace you can make it interesting. Take photos and share them. If you really want to catch attention start a DYI page. A lot of people like to try new things at home so show them how to do something that is simple, but catchy. Also you can connect with other bloggers and shop to add it to your own blog. By connecting with other bloggers you can together fuel traffic from their blog to yours and visa versa. This will generate new traffic for customers and your returning customers will love to read about the behind the scenes of your shop production and more.

#5. Contest and Giveaways: When have you ever turned down free stuff? I haven’t. I ran a giveaway on my Facebook one day with a giveaway app. I gave a way a small item that only cost $2 to ship. It didn’t hurt me or break the bank. But it did gain me 200 new likes on Facebook and boosted my sales. I even locked in a returning customers. Your customers like to be reminded you are a small business and one man show. That is why they shop with you and not big box stores. Do you see Wal-Mart making handmade items and giving one away. If you use Giveaway App on Facebook then you can also have those who sign up answer questions for you. If you only use the free portion of the app you can only see the answer to one questions. Ask them something you are wanting a customers point of view on. For example: “What would make my shop better?” or “What item is your favorite?” or even “What would you like to see for sale in my shop?” People will answer the question for a chance to win. You can see how many entry and the entry forms before the contest is over. Once the contest is over then you notify the winner by email to get their address. It doesn’t hurt to send them their winning item in a pretty box. Everyone likes to feel special.

I hope some these ideas can inspire or help you achieve your goal. I have been practicing some of these myself and trying out some of the new ones.

Do you have an idea to influence returning customers? I would love to hear and so would others. Comment below and tell other small business owners how you target the returning customer audience or even customer audience in general.

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Shopping Made Easy

I know it’s been a little bit since I last posted. I have been so busy trying to arrange a few things that I had to take a little time away, but now I’m back. If you haven’t already noticed I have a couple new pages up on the bar above. One of which is called “In The Spotlight” this is where I would like to do a article for that page on a individual who deserves to have the spotlight shown on them. That could be for a number of positive reasons. Maybe they own their own business, or maybe they are a working a parent, or maybe they do some awesome volunteer work, or maybe you my devoted readers feel they should just be there. No matter the reason I have a link at the bottom of that page where my readers can choose who they want in that section for a month. So if you know someone, or maybe you want to be there yourself then head on over and fill out the form I’ll be in contact.

Next, the second page you’ll see is new is the “Online Shopping Directory”. I have a few online business owners who wanted to bring their business to you by posting their banners, shop description and the link to their shop. There are a lot of choices to choose from, but these are an amazing business owners. What makes them unique is that these shop owners hand make their products. It’s not easy, but they get it done. I know how are it is to run a business online since I too have an online shop. My shop is Kaely’s Kuties and the banner can also be found in the directory. So take a moment when you are done reading and checkout these wonderful people they are worth knowing.

The items these shops bring are amazing. I have listed a few.  There is a shop for handmade soaps and shampoo bars. Which of course can be unscented or naturally scented. Another shop carries handmade Bohemian jewelry and fragrance sachets. One shop carries personalized items even for school, sports, teacher items and much more. Another shop carries necklaces, earrings, cuff links and collar clips. There is even a shop for Yogi-Boho-Zen stretch bracelets. These are just a couple of the shops listed on that page there are many more that carry a wide variety of items. Some off these fabulous shops have even included some great coupons to use in their shops. If the shop has a coupon it will be included under their banner.

You can also look forward to some product reviews that will be coming out soon. I hope you, my reader, will enjoy everything that come and is coming.

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Back To School Chaos

back to school

Welcome Back!
It’s been a little while since I’ve updated my blog and for that I sincerely apologize. If you have not seen my last post I have been a little busy trying to start a small business that I’m going to be running out of my home and selling my products online. Since all my items are handmade and I do custom made for those who ask for it I have to work very hard with long hours (to bad I don’t get paid by the hour I would be rolling in it haha.)

Anyways today I was sitting online surfing the web checking out a few items. For those who are just now tuning in I have a six year old daughter Kaely who is going into the 1st grade. Since going to school requires new clothes, new shoe, new underwear, new socks, new backpack, new lunchbox and new school supplies I have had to get my shopping game on. Apparently new school gear requires more preparation than a glitz pageant for national all stars. I have had to surf through online stores to see what the new trends were, make a shopping list, create a game plan, do budgets and then the last step run it all past the queen of the hour my daughter. She is the one who has the last say so if she throws out an idea I have to start over. Now I know you are thinking I’m probably nuts for letting her have so much control. This is my thoughts on this matter, because trust me I have thought the same thing about myself. The way I see it is she is the one who has to wear it, carry it, show it off and deal with it so if she doesn’t like then she isn’t going to be happy. If she isn’t happy with it then she won’t want to go to school less than she does now. If this occurs it will result in me having to find more creative ways to coax her out of the bed at 6am. Trust me at 6am I am not creative at coaxing so to make a long story short in the end she will wake up screaming wet with cold water and I’ll be covering my ears holding the pitcher that tossed the cold water. So to prevent that ugly scene from occurring every school day I let her have a lot of control with the shopping it’s a win win situation.

So the point of all that long story was this:

Have you noticed that even with game plan when you get to store of shopping choice it looks like a turkey after thanksgiving dinner, picked to death? It didn’t happen to me just one time it happened a lot. Like try 5 different stores and by the way 2 of those were shoe stores. So what is up with that? Please I want to know so if you have the answer please inform us all we are dying to get an idea of what’s going on here!! Cause the way I see it is school starts the same time every year it’s like your birthday you know when it’s coming so you prepare yourself. Well apparently while I was preparing myself the store wasn’t on the same page cause it was chaos. They know it’s coming so why didn’t they stock up??? Kids have to have clothes for school and they didn’t have enough for everyone. On black Friday they prepare like they are going into battle, but on back to school shopping days they slack. Stores need to be more prepared and name a holiday for this occasion like kid invasion day and they should prepare for more than battle this day they need to prepare for a nuclear explosion equal event.

The next problem is the prices!! I mean we are parents clothing our miniature, back talking, sticky fingers mini me’s so of course we want the very best for them. This doesn’t mean big chain stores can exploit us for every penny we have. They know we have to have it so they jack the prices up so it about kills us at the checkout. I’m being literal when I checked out at Wal-Mart I thought I was going to flop out into a seizure when I saw the total. I paid a little of $100 for like 6 outfits. I don’t think a couple of them were complete outfits at that. I thought Wal-Mart was supposed to have low prices, hello, I didn’t find it very low. I’m just saying if you know for a fact you are going to take every penny we have for things we have to have then give us a break. We are parents not rich business men. Most of us drive mini vans and have a stain on the corner of our shirt that we can’t honestly remember where it came from. (Note: if you are a mom to be or a mom who’s kid isn’t in school yet, heed my warning save up for school clothes like you would save for a college fund.) I think these stores also charge by what grade your kid is in. I’m serious last year I found awesome deals and my daughter was in Kindergarten now that she went up a grade the prices on the clothes went up too. What is going on?

Well I’ve ranted enough for the time I think. Give me your opinions, if you found awesome deals let us all know we have to stick together. Also please take the poll survey so we can see what everyone is thinking. Have a great day! Remember we are here to help each other trying to save a mom one at a time!

Gaming @ The Baby Shower

baby shower

Games at a baby shower are the best part if your the guest. It’s the time were you get to show off you awesome skills and when some cute prizes. As women if we had a list of our favorite kind of showers, baby showers would be on top. What’s better than watching mom-to-be open presents that include itty bitty outfits? Usually, after a baby shower 9 out of 10 women will have “baby fever.”

So seeing how I love baby showers I ran across an article while on Twitter. So of course I just had to check it out. It was about what games could be played at a baby shower. I have to say out of the 14 games I was intrigued by more than half of them. The instructions on them were so well detailed that the games wouldn’t be hard to replicate. So I decided I would share these games with you, my fab readers. Just to note that I didn’t come up with these games they are from a website I found. So I just want to give credit to that website and that author. I also have the link to the website posted on my Favs Page so that you can check out the website. Or you might need the link to get the instructions for the game since I did not write those down I only wrote down a breif description of each game.

#1.) Baby Shower Bingo
This game is so great to help encourage mommy-to-be to open her gift. It’s classic bingo with a twist. Instead of calling out numbers the bingo cards have presents on them and guests get to check the gift off as they are opened. First one to bingo wins!

#2.) Name That Baby Tune
It’s real simple with this one, but still fun. Guests get to test their music savvy. For a list of music that goes with the instructions of the game refer to the website on Favs and the list is on the last page of the article.

#3.) Pregnant Twister
Guests play while being prego but with a twist. They can test their skills and flexability while wearing a faux prego belly during a game of twister. Instructions can be found on website.

#4.) Don’t Call Me Baby
Can you go through a whole party and not say the word baby? Test guests self-control and listening skills while calling out those who slip.

#5.) Who’s The Baby?
Guests will bring their own baby picture and hand them over to the designated photo holder. The designated photo holder will randomly hold up photos of the guests and let them see if they can guess who it is.

#6.) Who’s The Celebrity Baby?
Put your guests to the test. See if they have celeb knowledge and let them see if they can guess the celeb baby.

#7.) What Will Baby Look Like?
This one is one of my favorite and will be for laughs in the end. Guests will combine their own self portrait with a photo of their fav dreamy celeb so everyone can see what their baby would look like. Instructions are in detail on the website.

#8.) Baby Stroller Olympics
Guests can test their skills by having an obstacle race with baby strollers. Best time without hitting obstacles win!

#9.) Just Ask Mama
On indvidual notecards each guest will write a question that only a new momma would ask. Then the guests pass the cards off to each other so they can take turns writing on the back their answers to the questions. More instructions and how to win on website.

#10.) What’s The Story?
Guests have to write a short story together on the spot using a select list of words. By taking turns with each sentence the more strange and funny the story gets the better the ending. Instructions and the list of select words are on website.

#11.) Saving Time
Guests will make a time capsule for a new baby by each guests putting in one current item for the year the baby was born. One example would be a current newspaper. One hint for you is to tell the guests before the shower about this game so they can show up with the needed materials. Check website for more information.

#12.) Wanna Make A Bet?
Each guests will take turns placing a bet on a date they think the baby will be born. Someone will need to keep a list with each guests name and the amount of the bet. Another person will need to keep the money. Further instruction on website.

#13.) Quilting Time
Each guest will be provided with their own quilting square. Guests will then be instructed to decorate the square any way they want.

#14.) Perfect Timing
See who has the gift of punctuality in this gift-opening game of chance — and let guests, not just the guest of honor, take home a few goodies, too.

***Well this was the 14 I wrote down from the site. There a couple bonus games that I didn’t include, but if your interested in those too then head on over to the site I have on the page “Favs.” I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed it. Some of tthese games I just thought were too neat not to tell you all about. I know the next baby shower I host I will be trying out a couple of these.