Television Babysitter


    Almost any mom is guilty of it even if they don’t want to admit it. So many of us do it without even thinking about it. We come home from picking our children up from school and the first thing we do is turn on the TV. Some of us tell our kids to watch cartoons while we make dinner. Or maybe watch cartoons while mommy takes care of something. We don’t think about it because it’s a normal routine. What could hurt with our children watching cartoons? Well I used to think the same thing until I sat down to watch cartoons with my six year old daughter.

    Cartoons today aren’t like they were when we were children. Most of them are disgusting, despicable and irritating. So many of them have cartoon character vomiting, farting, burping, screaming or just running around like idiots. They don’t have a plot or a theme. What happened to Mickey Mouse, Rainbow Bright, Daffy Duck, Goofy, Cinderella, and all the others. They had a plot and they were respectable.

    I have even got to the point of opening a netflix account so my daughter can watch cartoons on there. I feel that some of the cartoons on television might as well turn their brain to mush becaue it sure doesn’t teach them anything. Only thing they are learning from that is to run around like a fool destroying anything in their path. You should watch what your children are watching you would be suprised about what they put on cable for our youngsters.

   How come we as parents think it is ok for out children to be babysitted by television. I know I’m guilty of it. I do it without thinking about it. Today I was sitting here with my daughter watching TV when I thought about what I was doing. I’m pretty much teaching her TV is ok all the time and to be lazy. At that moment I got up turned off the TV and told we were going to bake cookies. After we baked cookies for dinner tomorrow (Thanksgiving) we then went into the living room to put together a puzzle.

    Instead of letting the TV do my job I have decided to make a schedule everyday for things she can do after school. Something constructive and fun. There are books at the libary with crafts for children to do. That teaches them creativity and free thought. When it warms up I’m going to demand so much time of outside. That will be when she has to go outside and play for a certain amount of time doing something that will promote exervcise. So she can’t go outside and just stand there. She has to ride her bicycle, jump on the tramopliine, or maybe even take a walk. Our children are becoming sloths. Eventually, they will just sit around eating and becoming couch potatoes. We let them do this and then when they grow up and wont get jobs they have to depend on us to support them.

    Well I’m firing the TV from babysitting duty. It’s time to be involved with my child and take back my position. Those important things that I have to do can wait until she is in school. When she is home from school it will be my time with her and I’m making every minute count. Promote excerise, free thought and other activites that get our kids up and moving. When we were children we didn’t sit inside. When I came home from school my mom kicked me out of the house until dinner time. We had a great imagination pretending out all different types of scenerios. We have to get our kids doing that. It’s healthy and it’s good.



Freebirds.. Thanksgiving Childrens Movie of 2013

    Holiday movies are the one of the things children look forward to when their two favorite holidays come rolling around the corner. Usually, the holiday the kids score the best movie is Christmas and all through December. This year though I personally think that Thanksgiving has scored one of the best holiday movies thus far. I took my daughter last week to watch Freebirds, which I felt was a great animated full length cartoon. It starred two animated turkeys who by the way were hilarious. In the movie the first turkey was odd and a little bit different, who then became the pardoned turkey of 2013 Thanksgiving. I’m sure everyone knows what the pardoned turkey is, but in case your not familar the pardoned turket is one turkey that the President of the United States choices from one turkey farm to not be eaten that year. So therefore, the turkey is pardoned from his/her purpose. So the star turkey in this film was pardoned because the Presidents daughter, who is very hyper active, likes the turkey and wants to keep it. Because the President pardons the turkey he lets his daughter keep the turkey for a pet.

    For a brief time the turkey lives in the lap of luxary where he discovers pizza which he loves alot. He also discovers house slippers and spanish soap operas. Which he loves just as much as the pizza. As this turkey is enjoying Camp David and luxary he is then kidnapped by a macho turkey who believes he has been sent there by the “Great Turkey” to save the pardon turkey and find the time machine located in a hidden location. He wants to find the time machine to travel back in time to the first Thanksgiving and change the course of the holiday Thanksgiving. He thinks by changing the course of Thanksgiving he can save the turkeys from becoming the prime meal. In this movie the normal present day turkey is displayed to have a very small IQ and no common sense. They blame the lack of brain power by the over feeding of the turkeys done on the turkey farm. This is where the feed the turkeys alot more than normal to fatten them up so that they can be made into the big turkeys we buy in the grocery store for this historic holiday.

    Upon finding the time machine and going back in time the two turkeys find that their distant relatives aren’t as dumb in the past. The turkeys in the past are more in touch with nature and don’t just sit around waiting to be plunked off. Instead these “past” turkeys live in the wild and do what they can to fight back. Through out the movie the turkeys set traps against the pilgrims and are trying to keep their eggs safe so that they may have a future. Now every movie needs a villian and this movie is no exception. Even though you would think the villian would be every human that is trying to eat a turkey there is actually one main villian on top of that. This vilian like every other one is very mean and wants nothing more to do that to capture the most turkeys for the first Thanksgiving. When he is unable to catch all these turkeys because of them fighting back he becomes obsessed with capturing them. He begins to try and follow the turkeys around hoping they will lead him to their home base. I loved in this movie how the turkeys were so very organized in the past and could work together to overcome their obstacles.

    Throughout the movie we get to watch all the ways the turkeys to get rid of the villian and change the course of history. Like most children movies it had a moral to the story. Now it doesn’t come right out and say the moral to the story is… but it’s pretty much right there in plain sight. The movie showed that by working as a team more can be accomplished. Also because of the first two turkeys being so different and unique it portrayed how everyone is their own. No two people are the same and they should be proud of who they are. One of the main turkeys always thought they looked different because he was skinny and blue. Then we he travels back in time he find that most the those turkeys are also skinny and blue. So pretty much it tells us that it is ok to be different there is always a place for you and you should be happy with who you are. This can be a valuable lesson for a child in this day and time. With so much bullying being displayed in schools I think personally that this is a perfect message for our children to be taught.

    This movie was excellent and I would give it five stars with two thumbs up. My daughter loved it so much that after watching it last week with me her school decided to take a field trip today to watch it in 3D. Because my daughter enjoyed watching it already she was more than excited to watch it again with her classmates. When I watched it with her throughout the movie I could hear her laughing at the funny parts and then after the movie she told her grandmother about the movie with such passion and excitment. I would have loved to been there today to listen to all the children in her class laugh in the movie nothing is more powerful than a childs laughter it just melts my heart. If you haven’t took your child to watch this movie yet then you should really look into it because it’s great. The next movie we will be looking forward to go watch will be “Frozen” which comes out in theaters the week of Thanksgiving. I will post my thoughts on that movie also after viewing it. So check back in for my reviews.

************************************************************************************************************* On A Different Note*******************************************************************************************************************

    As I mentioned above the movie displayed how I felt it was great for children today to know it’s wonderful to be who you are. Well I wanted to focus on that for a moment and discuss a few topics that I have been brought to my attention recently. My daughter as I have told everyone before is six years old and in Kindergarten. Well my daughter is an only child and doesn’t have a lot of experience playing with other children. Mostly any other child she has played with outside of school was one that I had prearranged a playdate with. So she never really has had to try and make friend they have always just already been there. I never realized how important it was for her to know how to make friends and be social. Instead of introducing these skills to her I assumed it was something that she would learn at school. Well this is not always the case.. At first I thought my daughter didn’t know how to be nice to others to get them to like you, I really thought that she was being smart with them because she felt that she didn’t have to try to make a friend that they would just automatically like her. I recieved a very frank wake up call from my daughter this week also on this topic. So this movie really touched me with these topics also.

   This week my daughter has informed me that she gets picked on at school. She told me she has no friends and that she even eats lunch alone. She says that there is a little girl at school that picks on her and trys to get the other kids not to like her. Instead of my little girl saying anything back to this other child, or defending herself she just takes what they dish out because she is afraid that she will get in trouble. I then told her that if the little girl kept saying mean things to hurt her feelings then she needed to say something back to her to show her she wasn’t going to take it anymore. But then my daughte told me she was afraid the little girl would hit her. Now not only is my daughter an only child, but she also wears glasses which believe it or not seems to target her for bullies. At the moment my daughter told me all these things I first felt heart broken that she has to suffer like this at school, but then I really became upset because she is only in Kindergarten and being bullied. I then began to think about all these chilren we see on the news lately who hurt themselves or others because they were bullied. I decided my daughter is no longer going to be bullied and she will make friends. After you read this you may think I’m too involved and that kids are just kids. But I can’t help myelf and I really can’t lay down to sleep at night and think about how much pain she must be silently suffering.

    So for the last couple of days I’ve been hatching a plan for her to carry out and today we put the plan in motion. I’ve begun doing little things with my daughter to make her appear to be more friendly to everyone. I told her when she sees someone she would like to be friends with she needs to tell them hello very nicely and maybe even compliment their outfit. She attempted this today and in return she was told by one child that she wore “cute clothes.” I don’t know if anyone else agrees with me, but I believe if someone hits you then you should hit back. I never was someone that would stand there and be beat on so therefore I don’t expect my child too either. She was afraid that she would be sent home, but I told her not to worry about that. I told her that if the little girl hit her again then she needed to hit her back. If she got in trouble oh well, but I believed if she hit her back then the little girl might become afraid of her and leave her alone. Now she hasn’t tried out my theory on hitting, but the little girl did tell her she had an ugly hair bow so my daughter gave her back a bad compliment by telling her she didn’t like her jacket. So far the little girl just walked away, but how long until she decided to say more mean things?

   Now I know there are children in the world that don’t have alot of things. I feel sorry for this kids and wish there more I could do. I donate on holidays and every year I do the angel tree and buy presents for a child at Christmas. But no matter how less someone has they should still teach their child they should not hurt others because they are jealous. This child is one of the less fortunate and because of that she is mad. To take out her fury she tries to hurt those that have nice things. Everyday my child comes home crying and now the girl has resorted in to blocking my child from making friends. If my little girl makes a friend the other girl intercepts. I don’t know what she tells these children, but what ever it is it works. Because at lunch my six year old daughter sits alone, she plays on the playground alone and when she comes home she has to play alone because she has not siblings. My child is silently hurting and it’s because she is being bullied. I’m so sick of kids bullying kids. Some parents need to talk to their children not only about being bullied, but also about being the bully. No one wants to hear their child in a bully, but not matter if they want to hear it the truth is the truth. I’m not sure how to reslove this situation. We have tried nice things with this child. We have tried compliments and when the child said my girls hair bow was ugly I actually went out and bought this child a hair bow. The little girl wears it, but she still cannot keep her mean words to herself.

    I just want to bring to other parents attention the effects of bullying. Not only is it in our schools, but it is touching kids all the way down to Kindergarten. Each grade, each school and each class has a bully. I don’t know about others, but I have always told my girl you shouldn’t hurt others on purpose. I’ve always told her that she didn’t like to be hurt so she shouldn’t hurt others. Because I have always told her this she doesn’t to my knowledge hurt others on purpose. She is a very considerate child and a wise child. I know everyone says their child is smart, but my child is not just smart she is more aware of her surroundings than a normal 6 year old. She will actually cry for another person if they are hurting. So parents we have to band together to stop and prevent the bullying. If bullying hasn’t effected you by now then you are lucky and I hope it never does. But for us unlucky ones it has. The first steps in preventing bullys in at home. The schools can only do so much. We have to explain to our children not to hurt others. That it is not ok to go to school and down someone to make themselves feel better. It’s a hard subject to discuss with your child, but in these times it seems to be important.

    I understand if some do not agree with me. But if you are curious about the subject then try this at home. When you have a free moment then ask your child if they know what bullying means. Then maybe it will open the discussion of bullys at school. Maybe they know someone who is being bullied and may want to talk about it. Kids see these things and it bothers them they just sometimes don’t know they should talk to their parents about it. Who knows it may open a flood gate of discussions that your child may want to have with you. Then ask your child if they know someone who is being bullied or if they have a problem with a child at school? I hope that they don’t, but it never hurts to find out what happens when your not around. I myself like to know what happens when I’m not around that way I’m not completly suprised by anything.

    I always love to get feedback on any of my posts feel free to leave a comment about the topic or you may even send me an email if you want it to be more personal:  feel free to let  me know if you tried this with your chid and what they said. If you have any thoughts or theorys on what needs or can be done please send them my way. I would love to include any ideas you may have in my posts so send them my way and I will give you full credit for your thoughts. I would love to have a open discussion on this if anyone is interested just send some feedback my way and get the ball rolling. Any parents thoughts that can be contributed are highly welcomed. Not every parent knows all the answers and I for one love to hear what others are doing so that I can see if it will work for me. Don’t be shy give me your piece of mind. Thank you for taking time to read this post it was very important to me. I hope everything is perfect for you and that your child is never effected by a bully. A child is a precious gift and should remain innocent as long as we can keep it that way. Bullying is very hard to deal with and our wonderful children should know that words and actions can hurt someone deeply. Some don’t know what they do can hurt another badly and sometimes they just have to be told how much a mean word can mean to someone else. I appreciate each and every one of you that read my posts. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Oh No Thanksgiving!!!


Yes it’s that time of year again when the holidays roll around back to back. Thanksgiving just being a week away I thought I would research some nifty ideas for a sweet treat to do with my daughter. Usually, we make sugar cookies for Christmas and some sort of cupcake for Thanksgiving, but this year I decided to try something new. So I hopped on to my trust sidekick @Google which I use for any research I need to have done and I started looking for treat ideas for Thanksgiving. Everything I run across looked so complicated.

As parents we love to do things with our children, but if you all are anything like me I don’t want it to be too complicated. I mean decorating sugar cookies are fun, but I don’t want to spend three hours doing it. In this day and time parents are busy creatures. We want something fun, but simple. Something that will look cute when it’s finished, but easy for a child to do. Then I ran across this:

Strawberry Turkey Treats

Now the picture at the top is what the finished product should resemble, but if I know my little girl it’s going to look different. Kids have there own minds and their own creativity because we allow them free thought which is great. So however your turkey may turn out is fine it’s a project for the kiddos if the turkey looks more like a chicken that awesome. Take pictures and enjoy the holidays. This could be something that your child may remember many years down the road and will reminise about to their friends when they are adults. I hope that one day my daughter will tell her kids about the projects we done and all the crazy ideas we had. Maybe it will inspire her in some way.

Anywas, this project is simple and doesn’t take long. It only takes about an hour by instructions so I would estimate hour and a half cause like I said kiddos move at their own pace. The reciepe and steps are simple with only five things needed so here it goes:

What You Need

  • 6 medium strawberries
  • 8 ounces chocolate candy melts
  • 12 pieces candies, pearl candy, white
  • 12 pieces candies, heart-shaped, oranges
  • 42 pieces candy corn, divided


  1. Place the chocolate candy melts in a small microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on high in increments of 30 seconds, stirring in between, until the chocolate is completely melted. Allow the chocolate to cool for a few minutes before using as it is easier to work with chocolate that is slightly thickened.
  2. Cut off the tops of the strawberries and reserve the tops (these will be used for the wattles). Place a strawberry in the bowl of melted chocolate and stir it around with a spoon until it is completely coated. Lift the strawberry up out of the chocolate and allow some of the excess to fall off. Place the strawberry onto wax paper. Repeat with the remaining strawberries.
  3. Assemble the “eyes”. Place two pearl candies side-by-side on the top part of the “face” of the turkey and hold them there for a few seconds, until they stay on their own. Dip the tip of a toothpick in the melted chocolate and dot the center of the pearl candies with the chocolate to complete the eyes. Repeat with the remaining strawberries.
  4. Make the “feet”. Place two orange candy hearts at the bottom where feet would go and hold them there for a few seconds, until they stay on their own. Repeat with the remaining strawberries.
  5. Make the “beak”. Take 6 pieces of the candy corn and cut the yellow and white parts off, so you have just the orange portion remaining. Cut each orange piece into a triangular shape. Dip the tip of a toothpick in the melted chocolate and apply some of the melted chocolate to the backside of a “beak”. Place the beak onto the strawberry under the eyes and hold it there for a few seconds, until it stays on its own. Repeat with the remaining “beaks”.
  6. Make the “wattle”. Using a sharp paring knife, cut very thin slivers off of the reserved strawberry tops. Drape the strawberry sliver over the beak and gently press it into the chocolate. Repeat with the remaining “wattles”.
  7. Place the turkeys in the freezer for 5 minutes, to allow the chocolate to slightly set. Allowing the chocolate to slightly set at this point helps the candy corn (feathers) stick to the chocolate and strawberry easier.
  8. Make the “feathers”. This is the hardest part but after a little practice, it really is easy. 6 total pieces of candy corn go into the top of each strawberry to make the “feathers”, 4 on the top and 1 on each side. With your toothpick, poke four small holes in the very top edge of the strawberry where the 4 top candy corn would go. Gently and carefully press the pieces of candy corn into the holes. I find that this is easiest if you steady the strawberry with your other hand by placing the toothpick in the backside of it as you press the candy corn pieces inches For the remaining 2 side “feathers”, you must cut the candy corn at an angle to make them fit more easily into the sides. Make small holes with the toothpick for the side “feathers” and press the candy pieces in as you did with the others. Roll your toothpick around into the melted chocolate and spread a thin layer of the chocolate at the base of the “feathers”. This will give some extra support for the candy corn. Hold the candy corn in place for a few moments, until they stay on their own.
  9. Return the turkeys to the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes, to allow the chocolate to completely set.
  10. Enjoy!


If anyone decides to try this treat I would be delighted if you take pictures and send them to me with captions or whatever you would like to see appear. I would love to do a post with everyones creations so that we can all see what they turned out like. Remember there are no wrong way for them to be decorated and each creations is unique just as each child is. It’s away for them to voice there opinion and have their own thoughts. It’s good for them we are raising the future generations. If you would like to send me your pics you can send them to my personal email:  please put in subject line Thanksgiving Treat. That way I will know what it is upon recieving it. If I recieve any pictures I’ll post them on here so we all can enjoy them. Can’t wait to see!


This recipe was in courtesy of: which I found by searching google. It was not my own reciepe so I wanted to thank the people at for their beautiful creations I love to look at them all.  


Wanting To Work From Home? Why Not?


Ok so I’ve been surfing the web trying a hundred different things to find a way to work from home. Almost everything I run into requires either some experience or they want money from me! Now when I go out into the world and work I don’t have to pay a normal employer any money to work. So why would I pay someone online to work? So if any one wants to work from home I’ve located a couple sites that pay and you don’t have to do anything special or pay anything up front. Now you can be anyone mom, dad, grandma, already have a job, anyone!! There are no required hours and it’s all pretty simple stuff. So why not? What do we all have to lose extra time on facebook or twitter? I’ll add some of links that I already have and if I run across any extra I’ll post them as I go so that I can keep this post updated. I know that if I could find a way to make some extra cash then I would be all over it.

#2.) Amazon Mechanical Turk: this one is really if you like to online shop. I do this one. I love to online shop for my daughter and I just can’t help myself so instead of paying out of pocket I work on here to pay for my @Amazon habits.

As I find them I will post them. Keep checking back to see what I find. Check out the above links we all have a little spare time so why not make some spare change?
12/21 Since I said I would add things as I found them I decided to go ahead and make an addition. I found a website that has endless lists of leads for work at home opportunites. They range from the simple paid surveys to working at home for UHAUL with benefits. I hope that this will be of help to someone. It is called Rat Race Rebellion and everything is oragnized by type of work. So good luck in your search to find that at home job. I will continue to add as I run across things.

Rat Race Rebellion


I have came across a few more legit sites to work from home and a couple have worked for me. So because of this new enlightenment I thought that I would update this post on the off chance it might help someone else.



Task Rabbit

The Joys of Daughters and Technology!!

Being a mom is a hard thing, but being a mom of a little girl is extra hard. Little girls are special creatures that at times you feel like Homer Simpson and want to choke them. Since we can’t choke our children instead we have to resort to a little creativity. My daughter, as an example, will do whatever it takes to push my buttons. Buddy she sure can push the right ones! Just this morning I found us both squabbling over the simplest thing, a shirt. I layed out her clothes for school and after putting on the shirt she became very upset with me. She informed me that she didn’t like her shirt. So I told her that all the kids at school wore outfits like that. So being the dramatic smarty pants she is she then informed me that I didn’t wear that kind of shirt. But she didn’t just tell me this in a sarcastic tone she did that little head bob too. This just went right through me I then told her that if she didn’t get her head out of my face she would regret it. What makes six year old act like this? I didn’t think I would have this problem until she was thirteen?

When I think of 6 year old little girls, I think about joys and wonders. I think about little girls in piggy tails wanting to help me bake. Instead I have one who thinks she is sixteen and can’t wait to grow up. They are worried more about the clothes and what they look like. They also can use electronics such as IPads, Tablets and Smartphones better that me. Are our children growing up faster mentally than we did as children?

When I was 6 years old you couldn’t have got me in the house before dinner. I was too busy playing and it wasn’t with electronics. We would rather have played with our imaginations, friends, and ordinary things you find outside. Now I can’t even get my daughter to go outside she is to worried she miss the newest “SpongeBob SquarePants” cartoon. I believe our children these days are too technology inclined. I myself feel guilty that I have relied on technology for so many things that my daughter is now starting to do the same. They see us talking on our smartphones all the time, using Facebook to find out the newest gossip and constantly checking out our farms on Farmville. So instead of our children wanting to be children, they want to be us. The want to do all those grown up things and we let them because we think it’s innocent, but now we have to deal with Kindergardeners that think they are high school students. They want to grow up before they have even had a childhood. If I have a 6 year old with a 16 year old attitude then what do I have to look forward to when she is 8?

I think I’m going to involve my daughter and myself into an expeirment. I think I’m going to pick one day a week when we both will lock up the electronics and do something fun together. Maybe this little project will bring us closer together. One day a week we can lock up the smartphones, laptops, Ipads, tablets and just go outside and play. I’m hoping by me joining her in this she can see that if mommy can give it up and do this with her then maybe she can give it up too. Maybe she will learn the technology is a privildege not a necessity. If children don’t go outside to play how can they get exercise? What about the natural vitimans that sunlight gives them? What about fresh air? To me all these things are important. We live in one of the places that has the most things to do outdoors. We live in East Kentucky in the Appalachian Mountains. There is so much nature she could explore and learn about. But instead she wants to be indoors snacking and playing the electronics. I think this project will help.

When I have completed my project trial I will report back to tell everyone about my findings. I hope it works, but if it doesn’t I didn’t loose anything I just gained time with my daughter. Little girls can be hard to deal with, but what would we do with out them. They are special there is nothing else like them. Even when they make us feel like we want to tear our hair out. At the end of the day when we are tucking them into bed we catch ourselves thanking God they are ours.