Real Life Grinch’s

Hello all!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve wrote and for that I’m very sorry. Things have just been crazy around my way. So to kick off this week I’m going to cover something I found interesting, entertaining and informative. I seen this story on HLN News yesterday morning and it just stuck with me. Then on Facebook today it kept showing up on the newsfeed so it kept pulling me back. So I guess that is a sign I need to discuss it.

So while drinking my coffee yesterday and watching the news I saw a story about a family who found the people who robbed their home. Now what did they do? Well the called the police, but it’s what they done until the police showed up that was perfect for my day. So if you haven’t heard about this it happened in Alabama. By what I’ve read online I have assumed that the robbers had broken in the families home and stolen their Christmas presents for their child. Later on they spot the robbers (they knew it was the ones who robbed them from the video footage from their home surveillance camera) and by holding that gun point the family detained them until the police arrived. I understand from the news that when the police examined the robbers vehicle they found some of the stolen items.

After I heard of this event it really started to make me think how safe are we really during the holiday seasons? It seems that those of us that work hard to give our families and children what they want for the season have to watch so we don’t fall prey to people who would like to take what we have worked so hard for. Do we feel safe leaving Christmas presents under the tree while we leave the house empty? We can’t take them everywhere we go, but maybe we can practice safe precautions to keep our belongings safe.

That leaves the question why do some people think they have the right to walk in a home that does not belong to them and take things they did not pay for? If they want nice things like the people they take from then I have three words for them “Get a job!” Maybe because of what this family did to these people who robbed them, these robbers may decide it isn’t worth taking the risk to take things that do not belong to them.