Our Sleeping Kiddos


The school is almost out for most of our kiddos and summer break is upon on us. But all through the school year I have ran into something that has almost fascinated and dumbfounded me. If your kiddos are like mine then maybe you have ran into the same thing. How is that we can’t get our kiddos out of bed on school mornings, but on days like Saturday and Sunday they wake up before the crack of dawn.

No matter how early my daughter goes to bed on school nights the next morning when she needs to be up by 6:30 it’s the same fight over and over. The alarm clock goes off and I tell her to get up for school. She brushes me off and rolls over. I get a little louder in telling her to get her butt out of the bed, then she tells me no. I flip the light on and then she lets me know it’s blinding her. So instead of her getting out of the bed and she covers her face with her blanket. I wait a few minutes to see if she will rise out of the bed and begin the morning, but oh no in those few minutes she falls back asleep. I can tell by the snoring that has leaked out of the blanket. So then I pull the blanket off of her and throw it into the corner so she can’t cover her face up again. By this time she is mad. So I get a ten minute rant about how I’m the worst mommy in the world and how I never let her sleep.

For some reason, I don’t know if it’s I their DNA makeup or what, but this only happens on Monday through Friday. I pretty much have to scrap her out of the bed with a spatula. If I put her bed earlier then the next morning it’s even harder. When Saturday and Sunday roll around they have the luxury of sleeping in but it never happens. It seems like on those days they wakeup earlier than they would have through the week. I know my daughter gets up before the crack of dawn on the weekends and when I let her know she can sleep in she tells me it’s ok. I just don’t get it. It’s like some kind of scientific mystery. Is it in their genetic programming, or is it some tactical thing that all children do? Who knows, but I’m hoping that summer vacation forecasts for some morning sleep-ins. But I seriously doubt it, if she won’t sleep in on Saturday and Sunday then why would she sleep in on summer break.