Personally, I love DIY projects that is what got me started when I decided to open my own shop. If you have been over to the shopping directory you can see there are so many other shops that have handmade items also. So with loving to do my own projects and having a handmade shop I thought it only befitting to have a DIY section.

I’m a one woman show here and have shop on top of writing this blog. I’m also a single parent so there will be times when there may be lapses in publish updated pages on this site. But I do always get around to it eventually and I do my best to stay on top of it. I only have two hands so I can only go so fast.

Do you have a DIY of your own you would like to share with others?
If so you can submit it to me and I will make sure you get full credit for it. Just send me an email with your name (or what you want as a name displayed for recognition) and if you have a shop leave your link I can add you to the directory or just include it with the DIY. It’s your choice.



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