Kids, Bicycles and Normality

Ok today I was watching a video someone put on Facebook. (What would we do without Facebook?) Anyways, so back to the video. It was of these 4 year old little boys riding this little bicycles and making jumps. Now I’m not talking about little 2 feet jumps I mean actually jumps most adults wipe out trying to make. I was amazed. I even watched in a couple more times after that. Normally, I wouldn’t be so amazed by something like this, but while watching this I happened to look over the top of my computer and see my daughters bicycle sitting in the corner of my living room. She has one of those cute little princess bicycles with the basket, bell and training wheels. My daughter is 7 years old (today is her birthday if I haven’t mentioned that today Happy Birthday Kaely!) but here is my seven year old daughter riding a bicycle with training wheels while these little boys are dare devils.

What is up with that? I want to know where kids like this are? I mean I don’t see them around my town. Actually, I haven’t seen kids play outside very much now a days not like we did when I was a kid. I had to go outside or my mom would lock me out. I always hated that, but maybe she was on to something.

Here these little boys are jumping ramps, stairs and other various things. My daughter is riding a princess bike with training wheels. The training wheels aren’t the best part. The best part is when she does ride her bicycle she makes me walk beside it in case a various crack is in the pavement. When she does come up to these cracks she dead stops and panics like the crack is going to swallow up her tire or something. As a mother I want to tell her she can do it she is an awesome bike rider, but as a human being I want to be like “what are you think how can a crack the size of a human hair attack you?”

Then I see these little boys riding their bikes jumping things. It just makes me feel like I messed up somewhere along the way in the bike riding department. I guess every so often us parents get to feel inferior when we run upon these types of Facebook videos or other videos posted on the internet. I bet I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow after school. I’ll be teaching my kiddo how to ride a bicycle without being swallowed by a crack in the pavement.

That is my view on bike riding for the day!


I’m Not Taking That Cake!!

Just like the title of the post says I want to rant it feels like a great day and season for it. So if you got a rant you want to air out to make it known, or to make yourself feel better then jump on board and leave it in the comment section. So buckle up and here we go!

Two weeks ago I called every bakery in a 50 mile radius trying to get a Frozen Elsa and Anna cake made for my daughters 7th birthday. This year she is having a big party and I don’t do big parties very often. Usually we have small get together so this is a big deal for her. I told them when I ordered the cake that it was very important and I didn’t care what it cost as long as it was wonderful. Are you ready for the story twister here? I bet you can guess what happened!

I call today they told me the cake was ready so I picked up my daughter from her elementary school and I rush right over to Walmart in Paintsville, Kentucky to pick it up. When I arrived in the Walmart Bakery there the first thing that happened had me completely mad.

First, the lady was beyond rude. She had so much attitude she was practically asking me to loose my mind and I’m a very calm person. She acted like the cake wasn’t there and when I told her I just called she magically found the cake. (I’m convinced there are wizards in the walk in coolers that hide our cakes until we demand to see them.)

Next she pretty much shoves the cake at me. Ok at this point I’m ready to pop off her head, but I hold my temper in check since I do not want to show my 7 year old daughter what happens to rude bakery workers when they push mommy too far. So as I’m holding the cake I haven’t looked down at it yet, but my daughter has. All the sudden she burst in to tears and I’m so confused at why my happy daughter all the sudden has gone bipolar. She is so upset she can’t even tell me why she is having this breakdown. Which by the way is so not like her. She only breaks down with a reason not out of thin air, she has been saving those breakdowns for when she is a teenager.

So I try to set the cake down in the buggy so I can calm her down to find out why everything is falling apart and I see the CAKE. (I have used caps here because it is not a normal cake it doesn’t deserve to be called one.) This CAKE was supposed to have beautiful mountains, trees, snowflakes and most importantly the characters from the movie since that was the whole point. Guess what it had? NOTHING!! There were no characters. It was a pink, purple and blue CAKE. The trees where green swirls randomly all over the CAKE. The mountains looked like a toddler had laid his hand on the cake and traced it with white icing. Heck the lines of the white icing were all over the place. Also this CAKE was $30 it was supposed to feed 40 people and the CAKE in my buggy would barley feed 10 people.

At this point I’m beyond mad and have accelerated my temper right into psycho mom. I look at my daughter and tell her to stop blubbering that we are not taking it. She stops. I tell the bakery worker that this isn’t what I ordered I was very specific when I ordered and I’m not taking it. Then she pushes me farther. She just looks at me for the longest moment not saying a word. Then she speaks and says “it’s yours.” I snapped.

I took the cake and shoved it into her hands. “I’m not taking this blob and I’m not ordering from here. I don’t want it you eat it you sure look like you could use another slice.” (Since you can’t see this lady I’ll describe she is around as she is tall and I think she is about five feet tall.) I know I sound rude, but I mean this lady was beyond rude to me and I took it. She messed up my order, but worse of all not only did she mangle the CAKE she made my daughter cry the day before her party. By her messing up my order she left me without a birthday cake and her party is tomorrow.

Luckily Foodcity was in the next parking lot and they took pity on me. They made the exact cake I wanted in an hour. Hmm I wonder how hard it was for Walmart Bakery lady she had two weeks on my order? I bet she worked real hard (sarcastic giggle).

I just don’t get what this lady thought she was getting by with I mean she acted like a total ass and then she mangled the most important thing I needed for the party. If I had done that to a mom that was a stressed out as I am I would have hid in that magical cooler she had back there because a mom that stressed is going to blow up like an atomic bomb. Maybe those wizards she had to check with put a curse on her and I was seeing the result of it. At least that is the only excuse I have for her and that is me using my imagination because I can’t imagine what was going through her head.

Well if that women stays working in that bakery I bet I’m not the only mom that gets onto her. I just home the next mom doesn’t try to pop her head off. Some people shouldn’t be cake decorators. I know that I would not be a good cake decorator so I don’t do it. I also would not be a good mechanic so I don’t work on cars. People should not take on big jobs that they know they cannot do if they don’t want to see the outcome go down the drain. I mean if she could not make the cake I wanted they why did she tell me she could and assure me two weeks ago I would have the prettiest cake. Yes, this was the same woman that took my order and yes she did make the cake. I did take time to find this all out before I verbally assaulted her.

People just amaze me sometimes.