Magazine Homes and The Real Deal


First things are first. Yes the picture of the magazine cover above is my daughter and no she really wasn’t in a magazine. But yes it does have something to do with this post. So read on to see what exactly a fake magazine cover would really have to do with a blog post.

Have you bought a magazine, took it home and then when you started to read it seen pictures of the immaculate homes inside. Then when you see the inside of the homes in the magazine you look around at your own home which is riddled with toys, play dough, and chocolate handprints? That is what happened to me this morning. I set down with my morning cup of coffee and opened my magazine which arrived in the mail yesterday, “Better Homes and Gardens.” I kept seeing pictures of inside of this nice clean houses. The pictures were always similar by having a mom and children standing there smiling in a house so clean it was fictional. I hadn’t seen my house that clean since it was brand new. Now I’m not saying my house is dirty, but if you have kids you know the damage they can do especially when school is out for summer, the weekend or even a holiday.

So then this had me thinking which is dangerous when I haven’t finished my cup of coffee. Why do they put such wonderful and clean houses in these magazines? I mean they are so misleading. If a woman doesn’t have children looks at these pictures she will then feel the longing for a child and then when she gets it she is disturbed at how much a lie that magazine cover was. So I took my daughters old Christmas picture (3 years old at the time) and placed it on a Savvy Magazine cover. To show how easy it is to fake the pictures, kind of my way of outing them.

What they need to do is take a picture of my living room and put it in there with the article of how to organize your home. Then they can write and article of how they started with my mess and made it kid friendly organizational. I would buy that magazine because it wouldn’t be misleading. Magazines that have those beautiful untouched homes do one thing to us real moms they make us feel unaccomplished. We feel like our houses aren’t clean enough, our kids are clean enough and we aren’t good enough. Well if you ask me that is crap! Because we are all of those things in our own mommy ways. The magazine company is the one with the problem. They publish photos that lie through their teeth and let me let you in on another thing. That mom and kid in the photo they aren’t even related. Because if they was that mom would have a dirty handprint on her shirt right where her boob is supposed to go and the kid wouldn’t be standing there sweetly. The child would either be hanging off her leg, or in the background writing on the walls, or just simply making funny faces at the camera.

So mommy’s don’t let these magazine companies make you feel inferior by the photos and articles they publish. They are to be informative not literal. So take from them what you must and then the rest of it ignore. I usually read the article get the information I need on whatever I’m wanting to read about then I throw the magazine away. I don’t leave it laying around to tempt me and to make my feel bad about myself. Sometimes I don’t even buy the magazine sometimes I just read other mommy blogs by other bloggers because most of the time they have written about similar stuff and they are real not fakes.


Girls and Their Hair

Welcome Back!

So as most of you know I have a little girl who is 6 years old. She is my only child so of course I pamper and primp her. As always when you have a little girl you want to dress up and fix their hair you are bound to have a little girl who hates to do things like that. So when I want to do nails, makeup and hair my daughter would rather jump in a mud hole. Even though mud is fun this momma would love to do some girly things with my girl, but so far she doesn’t find it as much fun.

School has been in swing here for a couple of weeks and my daughter has allowed me to let her wear two different hairstyles in those couple of weeks. She will either wear a ponytail or wear her hair half up. If I try anything else she refuses and will just wear it down. Sometimes it just breaks this mommas heart. My daughter has the prettiest hair and I’m not just saying that because she is mine. She really does it’s blonde and thick. Her hair will go up in any hairdo and it will hold curl like nothing I have ever seen. Yet she hates having her hair fixed, go figure. It kills me inside to see hair like that and not be able to touch it.

Well what I’m getting at is I have laid the law down for tomorrow. I have told my little princess that tomorrow mommy is getting what she wants for one day. Mommy is going to put her hair up in a new do and she is going to wear it all day that way. Which means she can’t go into the school stop by the bathroom and take it all back down. (Yes she has done this.) After twenty minutes of her setting her demands we struck a deal. She would allow me to fix her hair which she will wear all day until she returns home if I in return promise not to kiss her in front of her classmates and take her to the dollar store so she can’t check out the toy section. If you haven’t noticed by my past posts my daughter is obsessed with the dollar store, she doesn’t care much for Wal-Mart, but she freaks out if she finds out I went to the dollar store without her. I think this is because she can take five dollars into this store and come out with five different items I have raised such a bargain shopper (Proud Momma Here!!) So since I’m only getting this opportunity, to do hairdos on my only child, once in a blue moon I have done severe research on what I want to do. I found so many interesting styles that I just had to share them with all of you. So enjoy and if you have a daughter good luck on trying them out! If you have any hairdos with pics and would like to share please do I would love to see them maybe I can talk my daughter into letting me try it all again, probably not but a mom can still hope.



So far I have found these two and would love to do them, but the only problem was I found pictures of the ones I liked and not the instructions. I’ve looked for the instructions, but it was a no go. So I guess I’ll be staring at the pictures for awhile and trying to figure out how I can do the same to my little girls hair. Hope you enjoyed the pics if you have any ideas or styles of your own please feel free to share.

What Do you Do?

Welcome Back!

First order of business today I would like to thank author Vicki Blair who wrote the book “Gravy, Grits and Graves” for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Vicki Blair you said I made your day with my comment about your book honey now you have made mine. I have always wanted to write a novel so to have an author of a book I really enjoyed to comment in my book club section of my blog put a smile on my face. So thank you so much!

Now for the topic of this blog post! I’m sorry if I haven’t really been around to update for the week I had an unexpected even occur so I haven’t been much company. My mother who was only 47 years old passed away this past week and since she did not have burial insurance it made the situation so much worse. So not only was I heart broken, but in a terrible bind. All was resolved though and she had a beautiful eastern Kentucky funeral. Now once again back to topic haha.

So my topic today is actually a question for my readers. What do you do? Now I know it can be a wide range topic, but I will narrow it down. Doesn’t matter if you are a parent, or just someone passing through this question is for everyone. What do you do in your community? Are you a member of a club, group or organization. Do you volunteer at a school? Does your job keep you fully satisfied? Do you read to blind or spend time with the elderly? Do you enjoy the company of a book club once a month? Do you teach classes? I actually want to know what do you do!

Me? I do a lot of different things. Since my only work at this time is my online boutique and I’m completely satisfied with it I would have to answer my own questions with my activities. I volunteer at my daughters school whenever I have a chance, or whenever she decides to volunteer me then tell me about it last minute. I also have recently just joined a book club and I’m so excited about it. I also don’t mean the portion of my blog “Book Club” I actually joined a real one at my local library. As some of you might know I love to read and now I others who want to discuss reading material with me. I feel like I will be in bliss. I just hope it goes as good as I’m building it up to be.

I know I’m a dork! But I’m a happy dork today!

So they have assigned a book to read, which I have not read yet so kudos to them. Since I average reading about anywhere from 3-5 a week and I always list my favorite on my blog I was worried they might have chosen one I had beaten them to. Didn’t happen so I was jumping up and down on the inside (if I had actually jumped up and down at the library when they told me this they might have thrown me out) so I kept all this excitement to myself. So the book I will be reading this month for them (which I’ll have done this week I hope) is “Peace” it is written by Shelley Shepard Gray. If it is as good as it’s description it will make my “Book Club” section on here. So you can stay tuned for that if you would like to get a new idea on what book is trending there.

I also volunteer at the school like I said before. Since my daughter is attending 1st grade this year I will be doing more hands on things. I was informed the other day that I would be helping with their reading portion of their day. Hello can you say destiny? I was born to help with reading it is my favorite activity right after I have watched at least one episode of Melissa & Joey on Netflix. So I am glad to say that after the sadness from my mothers death that things have been looking up. I am grateful for that because it helps distract my mind.

I know this isn’t a very exciting post, but hey I’m not just telling you about me I want feedback from you!! So tell me what do you do? I don’t care if you cook unique dishes, breed guinea pigs (btw bought one last week), or like to organize your shoes. For once you get to tell us what you do that makes you different, makes you happy, entertains you, or just what you do. Can’t wait to see what everyone is up too!!

Until next time have a wonderful day and come back often I love to have you around!

Please show support in a time of need

I found my wonderful mother Edith Booth Maynard today at her home she had passed away at a young age of 47. She was a loving mother, grandmother and teacher. She was one of the smartest people I have ever known and without her I feel so lost. She did not have burial insurance so as her oldest child I am taking responsibility for her funeral expenses. So I’m asking for those who can spare to please donate to help us have a nice funeral for my beloved mother. She is greatly missed and this is so devasting to me and my brother. Below I have included the link to the go fund me site where all donations can be placed. Thank you all for all support of any kinds please keep us in your prayers. -Kristin Hinkle Blog Writer and Etsy Shop Owner.