Coloring Eggs With Crayon DIY

Easter is just around the corner so for this Mommy DIY Corner topic I thought it be fitting to keep it themed up with the holiday. With that in mind I had nothing of my own to share. I even thought about trying a few things out and taking pictures along the way. To my dismay I became sick this past week and have been kicked back in my recliner watching reruns on Netflix. So I decided to take my dilemma to Pinterest, a go to for any parent or non-parent when they need to be taught to do something fun. That is when I found this little DIY tutorial that looked so fun I believe I will have to try it myself for this upcoming weekend. As I always say I like to give credit where it is due. So before I begin my report on my finding DIY I would like to tell you where it came from. Not only did I find it on Pinterest, but I tracked down the site it originated from. This DIY is from who I believe got it from or at least the watermarks on the photos on the first site says it came from the second site. So whichever started this DIY I would like to give you an applause because it is genius. (I have included the link to where I found the DIY in the footnotes for any reference for readers so have a look see for yourself if you need to refer back to it, I did.)

So let’s get started..


Step 1: Boil your eggs. You will boil them just like you normally would for Easter.

Step 2: When your eggs are finished boiling retrieve them like you normally would.

Step3: Set your eggs up to be colored with this method, but this method calls for hot eggs so you won’t be cooling them down very long. Just let eggs stand for 1-2 minutes.

Step 4: Get creative and use your imagination! Because the eggs will be hot on the outside the crayon wax will melt. So using the crayon draw all over your eggs. Make designs, color, draw anything that comes to mind. Have fun!

Step 5: When your finished designing and decorating place your eggs back in your holder. My holder is the carton. Then put your finished eggs in the refrigerator. After a few minutes the crayon wax will dry and your eggs will look fabulous.

With this unique method of egg coloring your eggs will be the hit of the hunt!

*** If you have tried this DIY or are going to take pictures. I would love to see them and so would other readers. Even if you don’t use this method to color your eggs I’m sure all our readers would love to see what your Easter eggs look like. So please take a moment to go over to my Facebook page and send me your picture of your Easter eggs. All pictures will be posted on my blog in a special section for readers feedback for all to see I will give you full credit and it will only be used for that purpose.***

(I found this DIY on Pintrest and when visiting the site discovered the steps on the following site. I did not create or come up with this method myself. It is someone else’s method and I want the owner to have credit. I appreciate being able to use this method to share with you. If you would like to find out more about this method or where I found it click the following link.    )


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