Hopping For Spring

Here at Princesses and Motherhood we are getting hopped up for spring.

I have so much going on and coming to this site that it will keep you clicking for awhile. Right now over on my product review page you can read about a wonderful household product I just tested and reported back about. You don’t want to miss it because it is going to take air fresheners to a whole new level. This shop owner that I tested their product for is going places with this item. I’m completely in love with it!

Then in Mommy DIY, I’m bringing you things for spring. I’ll have something for moms and for the kiddos. Check back by April Fools to see what is happening there. I’m even thinking about hosting an Easter themed game. So make sure to come back on April 1st to get in on the fun.

I’m thinking about hosting a $1 auction on my blogs Facebook page if I can get enough shops and customers who would want to participate. I would love to have all my readers feedback. So if you can take a moment and comment below. Tell me if you think it would be a good idea or if you would be interested. If I decide to follow through with it I will post details way ahead of time.


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