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I know it’s been a little bit since I last posted. I have been so busy trying to arrange a few things that I had to take a little time away, but now I’m back. If you haven’t already noticed I have a couple new pages up on the bar above. One of which is called “In The Spotlight” this is where I would like to do a article for that page on a individual who deserves to have the spotlight shown on them. That could be for a number of positive reasons. Maybe they own their own business, or maybe they are a working a parent, or maybe they do some awesome volunteer work, or maybe you my devoted readers feel they should just be there. No matter the reason I have a link at the bottom of that page where my readers can choose who they want in that section for a month. So if you know someone, or maybe you want to be there yourself then head on over and fill out the form I’ll be in contact.

Next, the second page you’ll see is new is the “Online Shopping Directory”. I have a few online business owners who wanted to bring their business to you by posting their banners, shop description and the link to their shop. There are a lot of choices to choose from, but these are an amazing business owners. What makes them unique is that these shop owners hand make their products. It’s not easy, but they get it done. I know how are it is to run a business online since I too have an online shop. My shop is Kaely’s Kuties and the banner can also be found in the directory. So take a moment when you are done reading and checkout these wonderful people they are worth knowing.

The items these shops bring are amazing. I have listed a few.  There is a shop for handmade soaps and shampoo bars. Which of course can be unscented or naturally scented. Another shop carries handmade Bohemian jewelry and fragrance sachets. One shop carries personalized items even for school, sports, teacher items and much more. Another shop carries necklaces, earrings, cuff links and collar clips. There is even a shop for Yogi-Boho-Zen stretch bracelets. These are just a couple of the shops listed on that page there are many more that carry a wide variety of items. Some off these fabulous shops have even included some great coupons to use in their shops. If the shop has a coupon it will be included under their banner.

You can also look forward to some product reviews that will be coming out soon. I hope you, my reader, will enjoy everything that come and is coming.

etsybannerfreeship                 Something Snappy is a shop listed on  the “Online Shopping Directory”. This shop makes “mommy proof” jewelry

that babies/children cannot break.       Click Here To Visit Something Snappy 

** Each post will feature one shop banner at random. Every shop will get a chance to see their banner on a post please be patient.**


Back To School Chaos

back to school

Welcome Back!
It’s been a little while since I’ve updated my blog and for that I sincerely apologize. If you have not seen my last post I have been a little busy trying to start a small business that I’m going to be running out of my home and selling my products online. Since all my items are handmade and I do custom made for those who ask for it I have to work very hard with long hours (to bad I don’t get paid by the hour I would be rolling in it haha.)

Anyways today I was sitting online surfing the web checking out a few items. For those who are just now tuning in I have a six year old daughter Kaely who is going into the 1st grade. Since going to school requires new clothes, new shoe, new underwear, new socks, new backpack, new lunchbox and new school supplies I have had to get my shopping game on. Apparently new school gear requires more preparation than a glitz pageant for national all stars. I have had to surf through online stores to see what the new trends were, make a shopping list, create a game plan, do budgets and then the last step run it all past the queen of the hour my daughter. She is the one who has the last say so if she throws out an idea I have to start over. Now I know you are thinking I’m probably nuts for letting her have so much control. This is my thoughts on this matter, because trust me I have thought the same thing about myself. The way I see it is she is the one who has to wear it, carry it, show it off and deal with it so if she doesn’t like then she isn’t going to be happy. If she isn’t happy with it then she won’t want to go to school less than she does now. If this occurs it will result in me having to find more creative ways to coax her out of the bed at 6am. Trust me at 6am I am not creative at coaxing so to make a long story short in the end she will wake up screaming wet with cold water and I’ll be covering my ears holding the pitcher that tossed the cold water. So to prevent that ugly scene from occurring every school day I let her have a lot of control with the shopping it’s a win win situation.

So the point of all that long story was this:

Have you noticed that even with game plan when you get to store of shopping choice it looks like a turkey after thanksgiving dinner, picked to death? It didn’t happen to me just one time it happened a lot. Like try 5 different stores and by the way 2 of those were shoe stores. So what is up with that? Please I want to know so if you have the answer please inform us all we are dying to get an idea of what’s going on here!! Cause the way I see it is school starts the same time every year it’s like your birthday you know when it’s coming so you prepare yourself. Well apparently while I was preparing myself the store wasn’t on the same page cause it was chaos. They know it’s coming so why didn’t they stock up??? Kids have to have clothes for school and they didn’t have enough for everyone. On black Friday they prepare like they are going into battle, but on back to school shopping days they slack. Stores need to be more prepared and name a holiday for this occasion like kid invasion day and they should prepare for more than battle this day they need to prepare for a nuclear explosion equal event.

The next problem is the prices!! I mean we are parents clothing our miniature, back talking, sticky fingers mini me’s so of course we want the very best for them. This doesn’t mean big chain stores can exploit us for every penny we have. They know we have to have it so they jack the prices up so it about kills us at the checkout. I’m being literal when I checked out at Wal-Mart I thought I was going to flop out into a seizure when I saw the total. I paid a little of $100 for like 6 outfits. I don’t think a couple of them were complete outfits at that. I thought Wal-Mart was supposed to have low prices, hello, I didn’t find it very low. I’m just saying if you know for a fact you are going to take every penny we have for things we have to have then give us a break. We are parents not rich business men. Most of us drive mini vans and have a stain on the corner of our shirt that we can’t honestly remember where it came from. (Note: if you are a mom to be or a mom who’s kid isn’t in school yet, heed my warning save up for school clothes like you would save for a college fund.) I think these stores also charge by what grade your kid is in. I’m serious last year I found awesome deals and my daughter was in Kindergarten now that she went up a grade the prices on the clothes went up too. What is going on?

Well I’ve ranted enough for the time I think. Give me your opinions, if you found awesome deals let us all know we have to stick together. Also please take the poll survey so we can see what everyone is thinking. Have a great day! Remember we are here to help each other trying to save a mom one at a time!

Wanting To Work From Home? Why Not?


Ok so I’ve been surfing the web trying a hundred different things to find a way to work from home. Almost everything I run into requires either some experience or they want money from me! Now when I go out into the world and work I don’t have to pay a normal employer any money to work. So why would I pay someone online to work? So if any one wants to work from home I’ve located a couple sites that pay and you don’t have to do anything special or pay anything up front. Now you can be anyone mom, dad, grandma, already have a job, anyone!! There are no required hours and it’s all pretty simple stuff. So why not? What do we all have to lose extra time on facebook or twitter? I’ll add some of links that I already have and if I run across any extra I’ll post them as I go so that I can keep this post updated. I know that if I could find a way to make some extra cash then I would be all over it.

#2.) Amazon Mechanical Turk: this one is really if you like to online shop. I do this one. I love to online shop for my daughter and I just can’t help myself so instead of paying out of pocket I work on here to pay for my @Amazon habits.

As I find them I will post them. Keep checking back to see what I find. Check out the above links we all have a little spare time so why not make some spare change?
12/21 Since I said I would add things as I found them I decided to go ahead and make an addition. I found a website that has endless lists of leads for work at home opportunites. They range from the simple paid surveys to working at home for UHAUL with benefits. I hope that this will be of help to someone. It is called Rat Race Rebellion and everything is oragnized by type of work. So good luck in your search to find that at home job. I will continue to add as I run across things.

Rat Race Rebellion


I have came across a few more legit sites to work from home and a couple have worked for me. So because of this new enlightenment I thought that I would update this post on the off chance it might help someone else.



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