Taking Over

Switching gears here a little. I know everything looks different, but if you are a frequent reader just bare with me a little. Soon every thing will be up and running smoother than it ever has before. After a long time of sitting around trying to figure out what to do next I had a stroke of genius. Some or most of you may know I run a Etsy shop called Kaely’s Kuties. I cater to children’s wear, accessories and more. I love my shop and enjoy working in it. I love being creative and designing new items. Ever since I added the Shopping Directory page I have been thinking about switching my theme and topic on my blog. I know I had been writing a parenting blog, but although I enjoyed it I love writing about businesses like mine much more.

So the direction I am going to be going in is more creative and marketing. I want to write about shops and how we all can help our shops grow. I haveĀ a new page in construction right now “Shop Talk” and soon you will find out what I have in store. For now though, I’m going to give you a little sneak peek. I have been searching for shop owners that I find to be wonderful candidates to interview about their shop. I have a shop right now working on a interview questionnaire so that I can bring you, my readers, first had encounters and perspective from a shop owner. This shop won’t be the only one I hope to have more to follow later on.

Soon I will have more interesting posts that I hope will help shop owners, inspire those who want to one day be a shop owner and entertain. I’m keeping the DIY section and will keep the tutorials coming. If anyone has some ideas for future posts I would love to hear them leave them in a comment below.