How Do You Survive?

With holidays just passed and school starting back I as a parent feel like I can’t finally take a breath of fresh air. I love my kiddo don’t get me wrong, but after two and a half weeks of no school I feel like a break is in order. I don’t know one parent who can say that when their child went back to school after the holidays that they didn’t take a deep breath once their kiddo was gone. Almost a sigh of relief.

We as parents love our children unconditionally, but we as mothers need mommy time occasionally. Let me just say Christmas break doesn’t bring mommy time I think Santa forgets to give that as a present every year.

So how do you survive? How do you make it through the holiday without becoming prematurely bald or having to take prescription antipsychotics? Many mommy’s and daddy’s would like to know. Feel free to comment and let your fellow readers in on how you have lived to tell your survival secret.

My survival secret is a lot of coffee. You can’t go wrong with coffee and as long as I have my long time caffeinated friend then nobody gets hurt. When school is out the coffee company could retire from my constant buying spree. But the hot cup of happiness somehow helps me survive and I am so thankful. It’s like a cup of super mommy wrapped with happiness.


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