Sleepless Munchkins Equal Parental Payback

I don’t get it! Make one noise and it’s all over!!

That is all I kept thinking over and over from 1am until 6am this morning when my alarm clock went off. I usually don’t have this problem out of my kiddo, but I guess a first time for everything. Right? Well I stayed up working on a few things until 1am and then after a very relaxing shower I went to bed. Well my little kiddo likes to sleep in my bed where the room is dark and cool. It don’t bother me since she is the only sharing my bed in the past couple years. (But that is a story for another time.)

As soon my head hits the pillow and I close my eyes, her eyes pop open. All I hear for the next 5 hours in munchkin talk no stop like someone had let open a flood gate of jabbering caffeine hopped up toddlers. Even though she is six years old because she as still so tired it was relentless jabber that were complete words, but incoherent sentences. I tried to be nice just making a shhhh sound and tried to talk her back to sleep. Nope didn’t work. I petted her back thinking it would relax her, nope didn’t happen. Warm milk, nope, down my PJs. Talked her in to trying different sleep positions, this only caused her to start making coherent sentences that I just didn’t give a crap about at 3am because by this time two hours had passed. Put her at the foot of the bed thinking she needed space to stretch out, nope, this sparked an odd conversation about raccoons. So at this point I lost it and turned on the TV. I told her to lay still and watch whatever she wanted on her parental locked Netflix account. (For those unfamiliar with Netflix setup my six year old, Kaely, has her own Netflix account and because it is set up for her age it only allows her to watch shows that are approved for her age group. This a wonderful things and I love it dearly I don’t have to monitor or any of the other parental things I have to do with regular TV.)

Normally, I can turn on a TV and she is glued to it. So I figured this being a last resort method that she may stay up all night watching it, but at least I would get to sleep. I had to be up at 6am to get dressed for a doctors appointment I had at 8am. I guess when sleepless munchkins have a random sporadic sleeping disorder even TV just won’t do. So I gave up! This my friends ticked me off. I don’t give up I keep on with something until it gets done. Usually, she will just do what I want because it annoys her that I don’t give up. Last night was a different situation entirely. I don’t have any other children and I’ve had none stay over for a sleep over, ever. So I’m not equip to handle these types of situations. I have never had a problem getting her to sleep since she was an infant and that was at least four years ago. So for the past four years I’m used to a full night sleep. Well I guess she had decided I didn’t get one. By the time that 5:30am came I was exhausted and clueless.

I even resorted to asking her what the deal was? She told me she had no clue then she made a joke about how she was nocturnal. She thought it was funny that mommy can run on exactly no sleep. Nope no sleep, not even 1 minute. She took my whole night. The only time I get peace and can relax she stole it away from me. I love my baby girl, but sometimes I think she is out to get me. When I think she has done it all she pulls a stunt like this that leaves me baffled and staring at her like I’m ready to throw my heads up and say please explain what that was.

Now because she pulled an all nighter she is exhausted and passed out at 1pm on the couch. Guess what? I love parental payback. So while she slept so peacefully I knew that if I laid down she would still yet another sleep from me so I decided she should see how it feels to have a sleep you really want taken away from you over nonsense. So I woke her up and then I started talking to her about random things. Then when she told me how sleepy she was I did her like she did me I started giggling insanely. You know what? She rolled her eyes and said I’m sorry mom. So I let her take her nap, but not before she promised not to take my nightly sleep away.

Who says that alternative parenting methods don’t work? LOL. Cause it sure worked for me, like a charm. My question to you my reader is have you ever experienced anything as random or as odd from your kiddo or just any kiddo?? I can’t be the only one. If it’s happened tell me what happened leave a comment below. I bet it is more interesting than mine. Also don’t forget after you are finished on this page to check out the contest page and enter. We are going to have great prices and it is all free.


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